Games will be played in accordance with EIBA Ltd rules unless amended by the rules set out below.

If a player has to leave the rink he/she must have the agreement of both Skips and must not hold up play.




The following competitions are open to all full members of Wealden Indoor Bowls Club:


  • Men’s/Ladies Singles                                                          21 shots
  • Men’s/Ladies’ Pairs                                                             21 ends
  • Men’s/Ladies’ Triples                                                         18 ends
  • Men’s/Ladies’ Fours                                                            21 ends
  • Mixed Pairs (not available for married couples)            21 ends
  • Mixed Fours                                                                           21 ends
  • Married Pairs                                                                         21 ends
  • Monday Night Mixed Triples                                             18 ends


The following drawn competitions are open to full members of Wealden Indoor Bowls Club who have not previously won a WIBC club competition and whose names do not appear as winners on any Honours Board at Wealden IBC.


  • Backbone Trophy (2 bowls each)     100 shots (1st shot 4, 2nd shot 3, 3rd shot 2, 4th shot 1)
  • Drawn Triples                                                                       18 ends
  • Drawn Fours                                                                         21 ends


  • The Singles Plate is for players in both Men’s and Ladies’ Singles competitions who lose their first game and is played as 3 sets of 7 ends, with the winner winning 2 of the sets. Should the game be drawn after 3 sets or 2 hours, whichever is sooner, an extra end will be played. Players giving a walkover in the Singles competitions do not qualify for the Singles Plate.
  • The Monday Night Mixed Triples competition is played on Mondays at 6.30. Teams must be mixed and consist of 3 members and 2 named reserves, one of each gender. If enough teams enter, this competition will be played in 2 drawn groups with the winners of each group playing the runners up of the other group to decide which teams will play the final. Points will be scored as follows: 2 points for a win; 1 point for a draw, with overall shot difference determining who plays the final in the event of a tie. If too few teams enter, the competition will be played as a league, with each team playing the others once.
  • Two trial ends are allowed for every competition except for the Backbone, in which there shall be no trial ends.
  • In the event of a tie an extra end will be played except in Monday Night Mixed Triples group games. In all competitions including the Backbone the player/team holding shot at the conclusion of the extra end wins the game.



  • Match timetables will be posted on the Competition Notice Board at the end of rink 1.
  • For all competitions the first named is the Challenger and is responsible for providing a marker where applicable.
  • All rounds will be played on fixed dates (subject to Rule 5).
  • All games start at the time shown on the displayed sheet.  If all players are ready to play earlier they may do so provided that they mark the scorecard with the start time.
  • The failure of a player to appear after a maximum waiting period of 15 minutes from the time fixed for the start of the game shall cause the player(s) to forfeit the game to their opponent(s).
  • Rinks are to be drawn at the time of the competition. If any player has played on a rink earlier in the day that rink shall be excluded from the draw. When games are re-arranged (per rule 5) to a time when league games are being played, the draw shall be made from any rinks not already allocated to leagues.
  • There is a time limit of 2 hours for the Backbone and the Singles Plate and 4 hours for all other competitions, including trial ends if playable.



  • At the end of each game one member of each team should sign the scorecard and note the completion time. The scorecard should then be placed in the Completed Scorecards box by Rink 1. In the event of a walkover the team giving the walkover must complete the card and the Green Steward must be advised to re-allocate the rink.
  • Players should NOT enter the result on the draw sheets.



  • If necessary, competitions may be re-arranged to any day before the original date, subject to the agreement of both teams and rink availability. Saturday games may be re-arranged to the Sunday of the same weekend.
  • Monday Night Mixed Triples games may be re-arranged to any day up to one week beyond the last arranged game of the season (excluding semi-final/final). If a Monday Night Mixed Triples game is conceded, the team to whom it is conceded will receive the winner’s 2 points. The shot difference applicable shall be the difference at the point of concession plus (for the winning team) and minus (for the losing team) a 5 point shot difference penalty. If a Monday Night Mixed Triples game remains un-played no points will be awarded to either side. In the event of a walkover, the team given the walkover shall be awarded 2 points plus 5 shots.
  • Players who have been asked to represent the County or Club, or players competing in a zone semi final or final of a National competition on their club competition date, or who are asked to surrender their rink to allow such a game to be played, may re-arrange to a date no later than 14 days after the original date.
  • In all cases those seeking a re-arrangement should advise their opponent immediately the opposition is known. The opponent shall offer the team seeking the re-arrangement at least three reasonable alternative date/times of which one must be a weekend. The team seeking the re-arrangement must accept one of these dates, using the substitution rule (Rule 6) if necessary, or concede the match. It is the expectation of WIBC that all players/teams will endeavour to agree a suitable date for re-arrangement; if this cannot be achieved, the Competition Secretaries should be informed (see 8.  INTERPRETATION AND DISPUTES).
  • All re-arrangements must be recorded on a yellow form from the Green Steward to allow rinks to be re-allocated, booking sheets to be amended and the Competition Secretaries to be informed.




The dates of Competitions Finals Weekend are published on the Competitions Entry Form and in the WIBC fixture list; in addition, dates of each round are posted on the notice board early in the season and it is reasonable to expect that these would be entered in competitors' diaries. The following rule permitting substitutes is intended to cover emergencies and the re-arrangement rules (Rule 5) should be sufficient to meet other situations. It is not in the spirit of the competitions to take advantage of these substitution rules to cover loss of form or social engagements. Competitors should organise their outside interests and commitments to give priority to their Finals Weekend matches. Where circumstances change competitors should withdraw from competitions as soon as they know they will not be available on Finals Weekend.




For the Monday Night Mixed Triples the team will be the3 players + 2 reserves named on the entry form. For all other competitions the first team that plays will be the team regardless of the names on the entry form, except that at least one member of the team must have been named on the entry form.


Singles/Singles Plate                                   no substitute allowed

Married Pairs                                                no substitute allowed

Men’s/Ladies’ Pairs/Triples/Fours             one and the same substitute                    

Mixed Pairs                                                   one and the same man and lady but at no time together

Mixed Fours                                                  one and the same man and lady, who may play at the same time

Backbone                                                      one and the same substitute provided by the Competition Secretary

Drawn Triples                                               one and the same substitute provided by the Competition Secretary

Drawn Fours                                                 one and the same substitute provided by the Competition Secretary


Substitutes must not have played for another team in the same competition but may play in any position.




Players should endeavour to resolve any dispute in the friendly spirit in which club competitions should be played. Failing this, all disputes must be referred to the Competition Secretary, (see Indoor Management), whose decision will be final.



Wealden Indoor Bowls Club

Competitions Rules 2020/21