The following match reports are prepared by Peter Gacsall.

19 April

The season ended with some fine bowling in the three days of finals. The results are as folows -

Ladies Pairs: Dorothy Glasby & Margaret Winton beat Sue Walter & Rene Scoble, 22-15.

Mixed Pairs: Joan Howson & Malcolm Goman beat Jan Noyes & Peter Menniss beat, 24-23.

Drawn Triples: Corinne Urben, Patrick Urben & Wendy Botfield beat Gloria Dowding, Paul Benson &
Kevin Conby, 20-9.

Ladies’ Single: Joan Howson beat Corinne Urben, 21-5.

Men’s Single: Adrian Wainwright beat Andrew Taylor, 21-17.

Mixed Fours: Andy Corben, Valerie Menniss, Elizabeth Gooding & Peter Menniss beat Jill Saunders, Rosemary Richmond, Malcolm Goman & Alex Parsons, 23-16.

Married Pairs: Susan and Paul Bray had a walkover.

Ladies Fours: Shirley Nelson, Valerie Menniss, Elizabeth Gooding & Joan Howson beat Ann Duncan,
Ann Lindsay, Joan Poulton and Jan Noyes, 23-17.

Men’s Pairs: Sid Clarke & Alex Parsons beat Andy Corben & Peter Menniss, 24-9.

Men’s Triples: Jason Walter, David Horsburgh & Adrian Wainwright beat Bob Smith, Guy Thornley &
Mel Woodhams, 22-12.

Backbone: Rob Warwick & Patrick Urben beat Hazel Burr & Mike Simmonds, 14-7.

Ladies Triples: Shirley Nelson, Jill Saunders & Joan Howson beat Jill Flint, May Urben & June Page, 20-12.

Men’s Fours: Alan Price, Patrick Urben, David Horsburgh & Adrian Wainwright beat Andy Corben, Bob Smith, Peter Menniss and Alex Parsons 21-17.

Singles Plate: Jason Walter beat Stephen Perris 2 sets to 0 (9-4; 9-4).

The prizes were presented by the President, Dorothy Glasby.

This is Peter's last report of the season and I am sure that all the members of the Wealden Indoor Bowls Club would like me to extend thanks to Peter on their behalf for his hard work and commitment. [Web Editor]

10 April

Wealden’s ladies travelled to Adur club to chalk up a good win, 111-72: Wendy Botfield enjoyed a keenly fought tussle with Gina Symonds, starting slowly, 2-8 after seven ends, got to 8-8, then the lead swapped several times, 21-17; Janet Birch had a similarly close match, behind Joan Ford 0-5, caught up, got stuck on 5 then on 6 but won the final third 10-2, 16-15; Joan Howson led Jenny Goodman 16-3 at the halfway point but in the end had to hang on, 21-15; Elizabeth Gooding’s rink were just too good scoring a 7 on the way to beat Carol Fennell, 36-6; a six took Sue Walter to a 10-5 lead over Dee Tinely but from 13-6 lost too many ends, 17-19.

A good closely fought match was played when Brixton came visiting: Peter Flint struggled with
Dave Richards but dropped a 6 and four 3s, 13-23; Derek Heather dominated from the start against
Keith Bond despite dropping a seven, 32-15; David Davies gave away too many big ends to Jim Farrell including a seven, 12-31; Vivien Crowther led Emma Stanley until 17-14 then, uncharacteristically, let things go, 17-18; Brian Small, a late substitute, did well to better John Carter, 23-20; Maureen Spyers scored strongly throughout to 23-4 but allowed Pat McGuire a bit of a comeback, 25-11.

The ladies went on their travels to the coast again to beat Preston 102-85; Janet Birch led S Moore all the way, 26-12; Wendy Botfield took four ends to get going then took 9 shots in three ends to lead B Davies from then on, 21-15; Vera Stevens also led all the way in her win over J Bracey, 26-13; Jan Noyes got stuck on 5 for six ends to allow L Burns to take the lead, 12-26; Elizabeth Gooding could not score often enough winning only eight ends against P Parker in, what otherwise, was a close game, 17-19.

4 April

A mixed team travelled to Portsmouth to play the Victory club but home advantage told, 70-136:
Mike Goldstone was rather overwhelmed by K Warren’s rink, 7-38; Mike Simmonds, not a regular skip, got to 14-18 but did not score again, 14-27; in a tightly fought game Peter Flint drew with L Compton;
Vivien Crowther trailed 1-10 and later let A Newland have a 5 then got to 12-15, finishing 16-22;
Hazel Burr, also new to skipping, was down to M Wilcockson 2-20 so managed a little better thereafter,

We had visitors from Sutton, first the indoor club whom our ladies beat 157-97: Sue Walter was behind
Jill Benmnet at the halfway stage, 7-10 but won the second half well, 22-17;  Janet Birch score three fours and a six against Gill Gawne, 31-17; Wendy Botfield scored 5 against Di Hannon on the first end, trailed
5-15 after eight and more or less kept up to the end, 20-23; Joan Howson did not lead Marilyn Walsh until the eleventh end, 11-9, but then dominated, 26-10; Margaret Smith was too strong for Marie Blackford,

Then a mixed team came from Sutton & District, after 5 ends the visitors led on all but one rink, 21-31 after which the home team got stronger and stronger, 147-83: Alex Parsons had a close, low scoring game with Reg Nelson, 14-11; Jim Wakfield had a close game with George Baillie but always managed to keep ahead, 28-25; Tony Plater did not allow Tony Josolyne to score until the seventh end, 12-3, scoring was pretty even after that, 24-10; Dave Horsburgh, skipping a strong rink, came from 1-7 to win well over
John Morton, 31-12; Richard Monk was down to Vic Saunders 4-7 after seven ends then led 25-7 after sixteen, 29-10; Alan Bradley had a keenly fought match with David Canney the difference being a 5 on end eight, 21-15.

The final SCIBA League match against Grattons was a close , three rinks each but 108-111; Tony Plater kept up with Andrew Harding to 8-12 but faltered rather afterwards, 13-21; Peter Menniss was down to Ralph Steele 4-21 at end 12 so ended relatively respectably, 12-25; Mike St Jean went down to Keith Faber, 13-21; Peter Carter engineered a good win over Tony Grainger, 27-10; Adrian Wainwright won a close game with Adam Harding despite dropping a 5 late on, 20-19; Alex Parsons started slowly, 7-11 after 10 ends but collected 12 shots in four ends to seal the win, 23-15.

27 March

Buxted travelled the short distance to Wealden to take part in a competitive match, the home side winning 104-91: David Horsburgh often swapped the lead with J Hickey in a close game, 19-17; Jonathan Couper raced to a 11-1 lead so that Mike Wheeler could not catch up, 25-17; David Davies got Neal Parrington stuck on 5 for ten ends, 25-17; Dorothy Glasby led Sue Hanlon 7-5 but then conceded 0-9 in the next six ends and never caught up, 13-20; David Keetley led Ken Long 14-3 half way so rather let his opponent revive, 22-20.

The ladies of Worthing came to Wealden but were able to win only one rink, 100-79: Dorothy Glasby did not score against C Bellingham for six ends being the only home rink to go down, 11-23; Val Menniss was behind P Webster 12-13 but won the last four ends, 23-13; Jan Noyes was too much for C Goodall, 27-12; Maureen Spyers led all the way in a close game with P Fulcher, 19-14; Vera Stevens was in front all the way in her match with E McRae, 20-17.

To round off an entirely successful run Wealden beat the East Sussex Nomads in a triples match, 102-80: Maureen restricted Eddie Lovegrove to 5 for eight ends on her way to victory, 22-11; Peter Flint could only win seven ends from Mike Marshal, 13-17; Alan Bradley experienced losing for once, reliable Brian Wilkins just getting the better of him, 16-18; Vivien Crowther had yet another good game beating Jeff Elmer,
18-14; Carole Small permitted Mick St Jean only singles, 19-7; in a tight game Sue Hanlon squeezed past a reluctant skip, Tony Szylka, 14-13.

20 March

In theory Uckfield came as visitors but in reality most of their team were some of Wealden’s better players – so they won, 101-139: John Lewis was leading Peter Daly 18-4 so Peter had a bit of a comeback, 25-15; Peter Gacsall played reasonably, honest, but had the misfortune to come up against Guy Thornley on absolute top form, he missed nothing all afternoon, 9-30; David Davies faced a strong rink skipped by
David Carr so did even worse, 12-34; Vivien Crowther played an in form Dave Bissett, 12-25; Alan Bradley, reliable as ever, overcame Di Wilson 27-19; Jonathan Couper led all the way until he dropped a 4 on the last end to draw with Roger Gorringe, 16-16.

The ladies of Sussex Supports played triples and were beaten 125-74: Maureen Spyers did not allow
J Larkin a look in, 24-7; Vera Stevens was equally harsh with R Riggs, 24-6; as was janet Birch with
G Basford, 21-10; Vivien Crowther led P Spillane 6-2, then trailed 8-10, led 14-12 so the eventual draw seemed just, 16-16; Valerie Menniss was behind all the way to E Vine but picked up 10 in the last two ends, 20-23; Wendy Botfield had a close game with C White bit scoring 11 in four ends secured a good win,

Groombridge gave us a good run for their money in a game of triples, 107-106: Peter Daly, becoming a regular skip, conceded two 6s and was down 7-18 to Duncan Sanders but revived a little, 14-24; Peter Flint went from 12-12 with Barry Agetter to win, 18-12; Vivien Crowther got back to her winning ways against Colin Myers in a tight lead changing game, 17-16; David Davies, from 6-18, was helped with a run of 9 in four ends to close the gap, on Jerry Smith, 17-21; Jonathan Couper was aided with a 6 against
Martin Greenstreet, 20-13; Carole small scored a 7 against Graham Parsons, 21-20.

In the SCIBA League at Adur we won just two rinks, 100-139: Mel Woodhams led early on but lost 15 shots in five ends to Eric Pigeon, 13-26; Alex Parsons was a winner beating Lenny Corne, 21-18;
David Horsurgh got quite close to Brian Butler after trailing 3-13 halfway, 15-20; Tony Plater had a good first half with Peter Hannam, 15-8, but a poor second 17-29; Andrew Taylor was always trying to catch up with Tony Sayers, 13-26; Peter Carter swapped the lead with Matt Bonnar and edged the win, 21-20.

8 March

Wealden managed a top class win against Falaise in the SCIBA League winning all 11 points:
Adrian Wainwright beat J Blackford in one of the closer games, 21-15; Alex Parsons had a similarly close game with R Reeves, 24-18; Mel Woodhams overcame R Packham 26-13; Tony Plater beat J Hooker 29-8;
Peter Carter got the better of T Logan, 31-17; Andrew Taylor had a good match against T Barnes, 30-9.

The Hawth Seniors team came but were rather conquered only two of their triples managing double figures, 158-43: Carole Small scored two 5s and a 6 in defeating Dave Oldfield, 27-11; Jonathan Couper dominated Jack Smith even more, 32-9; Sue Hanlon only allowed Fred Jones four ends, 31-5; Derek Heather Scored an 8 on his way to beat George Brown, 34-10; Bob Smith rarely scored fewer than two against Stan Green,

The hopes, boarding the coach to Whiteoak, were justified after a close game, 115-101: Peter Daly took and early four and, in the latter stages a five to keep Geoff Ward at bay, 23-15; Mel Woodhams scored mainly twos beating Nigel Bouchey, 22-13; Vivien Crowther failed to beat Roy Baker, a rare occurrence nowadays, 15-21; David Davies was down 9-18 after 17 ends so did well to get back in reach with
Malcolm Smith, 15-20; Mike Goldstone, a new skip for us, managed a good win over Irene Brauer, 21-17; Paul Bray, another new skip also won, against Andre Van, 19-15.

After the heroics against Denton the ladies of the SCWIBA team were edged out by Falaise, 62-86:
Valerie Menniss was kept mainly to singles by Sue Brook, 12-17; Jan Noyes conceded several threes to Margaret Crossley, 9-19; Margaret Winton could only win seven ends against April Pryke, 8-17;
Joan Howson could only manage six against Carol Haynes, 10-18; Margaret Smith scored three 3s, a 4 and a 5 overcoming Mary Clarkson, 23-15.

Playing two SCIBA league matches in a weekend proved too much.  Wealden beat Grattons 9½ points to 1½ but then next day went down 1-11 at Worthing Pavilion – I do not have other details.

28 February

White Oak came with a team that was rather too much for Wealden, 85-157: Jonathan Couper, relatively recently returned to bowling, could only win six ends against Neil Stevens, 9-29; Derek Heather only took five from Jean Smith, 8-28; the captain, David Davies, was Wealden’s only bright spot beating Jean Higgins in a close game by taking six shots in the last two ends, 21-18; Delia Hamer started poorly to be behind Denise Brown 1-9 after five ends, 15-26; Andrew Hathaway had a similar experience with Malcolm Green,
2-17 after twelve ends so had a good comeback, 16-26; Jeff Elmer got stuck on 4, then 6 then 16 to allow Andre Dubois a win, 16-30.

The Isle of Thorns ladies played a match of three rinks and three rinks versus triples but Wealden prevailed, 156 (134 with deductions)-73: Sue Walter scored six 3s in beating Jan Noyes, 23-14; Joan Bolton only just got the better of Margaret Winton, 19-18; captain Vera Stevens, having trailed, won the last five ends 16- 1 to overcome Ann Lindsay, 29-17; Sue Hanlon, often the case, was too much for Delia Hamer, 31-2; Wendy Botfield conceded just three ends to Rose Batters, 28-9; Carole Small scored too consistently against Irene Kermode, 26-13.

Comme d’habitude a jolly time was had by all when the Sussex Past Presidents came and Wealden managed to edge the match 145-106: Richard Monk got off to a bad start against Colin Morphew but his strong comeback could not quite bring off a win, 22-24; Tony Plater just enjoyed the better of his game with
Roy Tuohy, 21-19; Jim Wakefield skipped the captains’ rink overcoming Ross Clifton, 31-10; Peter Flint led briefly but could not do enough to compete with the evergreen Vic Sherwood, 14-26; Norman Dobson took on Joe Smith where scoring two sixes was decisive in his win, 25-17; Peter Menniss, always dangerous to oppositions, took a grip on the match early against Ken Woodcock, 28-10.

One is always wary when vying with unusual oppositions, youth teams.  The Sussex Under 25s were a quite delightful group of lads with whom we enjoyed a splendid match and we won, 122-102: Steve Perris seemed to be cruising then unaccountably dropped eight in the last three ends to draw with Jason Walter, 17-17; Tony Plater did not allow Tommy Taylor much of look in, 26-10; captain David Davies was behind Callum Phillimore 2-9 then a sequence of 18 shots without reply gave him an unassailable lead, 28-15; Malcolm Goman had a bit of a struggle with Tom Gazer, 12-20; Richard Flower swapped the lead several times with Sam Wells but came out ahead, 23-14; Peter Gacsall, dependable as ever, dropped eight in three ends at the end against the more than competent Janathan Fenn-Tye, 16-26.

The ladies were quite delighted to beat Denton Island in the SCWIBA League, 98-75: Janet Birch was bested by Kathy Flood in a tight game, 17-19; Joan Howson levelled with Kate Strong but two dropped sixes scuppered her chances, 8-23; Margaret Smith was too powerful for Audrey Kirby, 31-9; Jan Noyes always led in her close game with Florence Eager, 17-15; Margaret Winton managed to keep control in a low scoring match with Josie Baker, 15-9.

21 February

A coach took a team to Egham with a most successful outcome, 147-91: Adrian Wainwright consistently scored heavily against Alan Penelpho, 42-7; Peter Menniss took the lead briefly but Ken Johnston had the better second half, 15-21; Jan Noyes led 11-4 but five in the last four ends gave Beryl Connor the game, 16-18; the day’s captain, Tony Plater, trailed 6-11 but got the better of David Hampton in the last third,
20-15; Mike Marshall controlled his match with Jim Burton throughout, 28-16; once Alex parsons took the lead over Fred Best he stayed ahead, 26-14.

The ladies’ SCWIBA team travelled to Egerton Park to secure a good close win in the Sussex League, 74-72: Margaret Winton dominated Ann poles, 22-9; Janet Birch had a closer match with Penny Spillane, 8 in two ends helped, 19-14; Joan Howson could only manage singles against Val Butler, 6-19; Elizabeth Gooding scored too regularly for Lorraine Kemp, 16-9; Jan Noyes kept company with Di Carpenter to 7-7 but then got stuck, 11-21.

When Horsham came the scores remained close most of the way but Wealden caved in the last few ends, 109-131: Richard Flower was slow to start, caught up to 9-11 but ultimately went down to Heather Grant, 11-16; Peter Flint started slowly, got ahead of David James 18-16 at end 19 but lost, 18-20;
Dorothy Glasby led Joy Reynolds 15-14 but dropping 15 in the last five ends did not help, 18-31;
Wendy Botfield led Keith Dellard 10-8 but only won four ends in the second half, 16-25; Avril Thomas led the highly experienced Ann Frecknall 13-9 but 8 in the last three ends gave her opponent the chance to get back, 21-21; Maureen Spyers, aided by a fine three, led all the way despite dropping six in the last two ends, 25-18.

White Oak were simply too strong for Wealden, 85-157: Jonathan Couper led Neil Stevens for two ends,
9-29; Derek Heather led 6-5 but did not score for seven ends, 8-28; the captain, David Davies had a good day against Jean Higgins, 21-18; Delia Hamer could not score often enough against Denise Smith, 15-26; Andrew Hathaway had a similar experience with Malcolm Jones, 16-26; as did Jeff Ellmer with Andre Gide, 16-30.

12 February

Grattons ladies came to Wealden and conceded just one rink winning 95-135: Ali Atkinson started slowly and then scored steadily to give B cousins a close game, 16-21; Jan Noyes ran J Horton equally closely,
18-23; June Page dropped an early six to lose the lead to L Winder that she never regained, 11-34; Margaret Winton won four of the last five ends but a dropped 5 consigned her to a loss against
C Templemans, 13-23; the captain, Vera Stevens was the bright spot beating P Cannon 24-18;
Joan Howson could not win enough ends with G Campbell, 13-16.

The team travelling to Sutton won two rinks well, just not well enough, 115-132: Richard Flower had a splendid win which could have been even better as he led Reg Nelson  27-8, ending 30-16; Mick Marshal dropped an early 6 and never recovered sufficiently to Keith Adams, 17-25; Peter Menniss, always to be relied upon, was too consistent for John Cocoraccho, 28-8; Richard Monk led early but a dropped four and five to Charles Radley prevented him getting into contention again, 14-20; John Harriyott struggled throughout against Frank Russell, 9-37.

The Victory Club came all the way from Portsmouth to win a close match 119-125: Mike Good trailed
Alan Newland 10-16 after which a 5 and 4 secured the win, 24-23; John Lewis got Mike Wilcockson stuck on 10 for seven ends to secure a good win, 21-14; David Horsburgh was never in touch with Bob Ross and a dropped 7 sealed his fate, 9-26; Tony Plater led Reid Wilcockson 17-14 at 15 ends but only scored once more, 19-20; Jonathan Couper scored 10 in five ends to get to 11-12 against Barry Tovey but a dropped 7 rather did for him, 16-29; Jeff Elmer had a great time trouncing Paddy Harvey, 30-13.

Against Arun Ladies Wealden’s best was a drawn rink going down 82-141: Valerie Menniss was always behind Bryony Spicer, 10-27; Margaret Smith held Di Latter to a draw, 19-19; Wendy Botfield had one of the closer matches with Mary Richards, 15-23; Jan Noyes got even closer to Wendy Adams, 18-20;
Vera Stevens led Susan Judd 6-2 but faded, 11-29; Joan Howson could not get into contention with
Chris Horsley, 9-23.

The London Civil Service team could not really come to terms with Wealden’s newly stretched carpet,
123-96: Dave Davis had a good match with Ivan Atkinson, 23-12; Avril Thomas was run close by
Chris McCarthy, 23-20; Jim Wakefield also had a close match with Martin Jewitt, 19-14; Tony Plater was too steady for John Seymour, 22-15; Andrew Hathaway started strongly leading 13-5 but allowed Robin Smith back too well, 16-20; Vivien Crowther swapped the lead with Trevor Sawyer who then got stuck on 9 for seven ends, 20-15.

24 January

When the bowlers of Preston came they brought a strong team; and it showed, as they won 2-4 in rinks and 100-150 in shots: Peter Daly’s rink could only amass 6 singles, 6-30; John Lewis did slightly better,
11-29; Eddie Lovegrove scored a 5 but dropped two 5s and two 4s to John Laker, 9-36; David Horsburgh’s rink was the team’s highlight beating John Wilcox 37-9; Tony Plater got off to a poor start trailing 0-10 but shared the rest, 16-26; Jonathon Couper had a close match with Roy Cameron coming out with a hard fought win, 21-20.

Gulliver’s is an unusual place to visit as it has just two rinks but Wealden won 49-39: Malcolm Goman won ends regularly to overcome Pat Tolley, 24-16; Adrian Wainwright won fewer ends but they did include two 4s and a 5 to beat Barry Dean 25-23.

Groombridge came with 6 triples but could only take one to go down 114-75: Bob Smith only lost seven ends but they included a 5, 19-13; Jonathon Couper had another good day prevailing against
Martin Greensted 28-5; Jeff Elmer had a closer match, 17-12; Vivien Crowther went on in her merry way winning 22-16; Mike Good was always behind in his game, 9-15; Delia Hamer led 18-3 but only just managed to hang on, 19-14.

17 January

Adur ladies came a-challenging, won 3½ rinks to 2½ but lost the match 107-98: Margaret Smith led Paula Barton for 5 ends, was drawing after 13, but dropping a 3 and 4 late on proved her undoing in a close game, 16-19; the captain, Vera Stevens, led Kelly Felts 15-5 at the halfway point but they ended with a draw, 17 each; Janet Birch was a winner against Jan Holden, 20-14; Wendy Botfield was behind
Jill Goodman 3-17 halfway so did commendably to end 12-22; Joan Howson’s rink was far too strong for Claire Fennell, 39-2; Margaret Winton stayed close to Linda Gray but two dropped 4s in the second half did not help her cause; 13-24.

The SCIBA team travelled to Falaise, always a difficult fixture, but came away with a good win, 8-3 in points and 127-116: Alex Parsons was behind most of the time until 17-17 on the 20th end only to lose on the last, 17-18; Adrian Wainwright led  T Logan 22-10 so, despite dropping 5 on the last three ends, ended in front, 25-17; Mick St Jean led M Naylor all the way, 33-11; Peter Carter trailed J Hooker 2-18 halfway through but won 8 of the last 11 ends to lose narrowly, 18-25; Tony Plater led initially 6-1 but got stuck on 14 for 8 ends to go down to the very experienced Steve Jeapes, 15-29; Peter Menniss, often a banker, never led B Nutton until the 12th end but thereon kept ahead for a good win, 19-16.

Sutton came and won four rinks and by 109-138; Peter Flint had a good victory over Peter Elias, 25-8; Eddie Lovegrove was behind all the way so the final score line was quite satisfactory, 19-20; Chris Thomas struggled against Alan Butler, 13-31; David Daivis struggled rather more with Ron Lanham, 11-36;
Richard Flower was always down but had a good second half to get to 20-24; Alan Bradley, another banker, several times swapped the lead with Reg Nelson and came out ahead, 21-19.

Eastbourne came for the SCWIBA League match but could not win a rink: Margaret Winton scored heavily throughout to overcome Wendy Hylands, 34-7; Joan Howson led all the way in her game with Molly Spring, 26-20; Janet Birch was leading Pat Bain 13-6 so her opponent did well to get to 19-18; Jan Noyes led
Ann Summers 9-1 then trailed 9-12 ten ends later but the rink recovered themselves to win, 14-12;
Vera Stevens had a tightly fought battle with Sheila Simmonds which ended in a draw, 17 each.

The Mid Sussex (outdoor) league came and won, 104-114, the cheek: John Lewis always just trailed behind Terry Tietjen, 17-22; Andrew Hathaway led initially but thereafter scored only sporadically in the game with Mick Butcher; Jan Noyes had a good win against a strong rink skipped by Viv Evans, scoring 13 in the last five ends, 25-16: Vivien Crowther, for a change, came second to David Welsh, 14-18; Jennie Sandford scored steadily against Joy Reynolds to come out ahead, 18-13; David Horsburgh was always behind
Keith Jackson, 18-26.

11 January 2016

For the first match of the new year, The Insurance BA came to Wealden and won, just, 110-111: Carole Small only won six ends against Clive Scott, 12-25; Delia Hamer had a much closer game with Malcolm Goman (county president and Wealden member), 14-19; Vivien Crowther had yet another good day against Janet Bauchham, 24-7; David Davies, captain, had a win over Geraldine Manning despite dropping two 4s and two 5s , 26-21; Jennie Sandford led but got stuck on ten for seven ends against Jeff Ellmer, another Wealden player, 17-20; Tony Butler led for 13 ends but faltered against Chris Long, 17-19.

Wendy Botfield’s team went to Eastbourne but went down 115-136: Richard Flower kept ahead of Pat Winter 19-10 in the 17th end held on despite not scoring again, 19-15; Tony Pipe had the compensation of taking the last four ends but lost to John McCarthy 11-32; May Urben was up against a very strong rink skipped by Roger Cable, 13-31; Bill Hooker trailed 7-12, got back to 14-15 but ultimately was beaten by Eddie Fuller, 18-24; Wendy Botfield scored five on the last two ends but the cushion Mick Martin had created meant he still won, 16-22; Adrian Wainwright’s rink were the stars overcoming Anne Summers

21 December

As the first part of the season comes to an end Egham visited Wealden and the home team won four rinks and by 124 to 90: Madam President, Dorothy Glasby, only allowed Tony Leighton seven ends in a strong performance, 21-12; Alan Bradley was behind Ken Johnston for 18 ends so his win was a fine achievement, 19-18; Adrian Wainwright got stuck on 12 but only conceded singles eventually to beat Alan Pendelpho,
22-16; Carole Small was trailing 8-16 so did well to bring it back against Rose Parker, 15-17; May Urban kept in touch most of the way but conceded the last five ends 0-10 against Di Coleman, 11-23; Maureen Spyers, with a strong supporting cast, was the star losing just four ends, all singles, to Carl Briggs, 36-4.

In the SCIBA League match against Worthing Pavilion only two rinks won, so we went down 93-123 and
9 points to 2: Peter Menniss beat A Vidler, 20-10; Alex Parsons overcame A Paine in a close tie, 16-15; Peter Carter, having a less successful season so far, came second to A Clarke, 12-23; Mel Woodhams had a close tussle with G Beven but eventually lost out, 17-19; Adrian Wainwright lost to C Brown 16-25.

13 December

As happens too often for a club of its size Wealden had to reduce to six triples against six Worthing rinks, which the visitors won 4 to 2 and 108-112: your humble correspondent was skip again and managed to win twelve ends in a close match with Ted Coaker, 23-17; Joan Poulton conceded too many big scores to Trevor Rowe, 12-21; on the captains’ rink David Davies could not match George Youngs, 12-29;
Derek Heather was down 4-15 so did well to keep the perennial Lew Mockett to 15-20; John Harriyott led John Hobbs three times but got stuck for seven ends on – yes, you guessed it – 13, 13-16; Richard Flower rather overwhelmed Reg Hillier 33-9.

It was five rinks against Buxted Park in a nail-biting match, ending in a win, 98-97: David Hosborough led 6-1 but dropped 10 in four ends never to lead again but he did secure a draw with Tony Szylka, 18-18; David Keetley had the strongest performance but, being last to finish, dropped a single to John Hawkins on the final end of the match ensuring a win overall, 26-9; Avril Thomas went 6-14 down so did well to hold Sue Hanlon to 14-19; Vivien Crowther came a cropper for once beaten by Mike Wheeler, 19-33; Jeff Elmer swapped the lead with the evergreen Neil Partington several times but ended victorious, 21-18.

The same day a coach took five triples to Whiteknights and won resoundingly, 119-68: Jan Noyes struggled with Alan Cowell, 0-10 after four ends and only winning six ends, 12-23; the dependable Norman Dobson scored two fives on his way to beat Ernie Rogers, 24-10; Robert May only conceded five ends against John Elton, 27-5; Val Menniss was equally dominant against Rick Juggins, 30-13; Peter Menniss scored a six and gave away a six in his game with Alan Genny, 26-17.

6 December

Lots to report this week so not too much detail.

Against Ashford Wealden came a cropper only winning one rink, but that massively, and losing 101-130: Norman Dobson had a close match with D Mitchell, 16-23; Alex Parsons trailed R Neaves 0-8 but won from thereon in, 13-20; Vera Stevens dropped 17 in four ends to G Gibbs but otherwise competed closely, 16-28; Vivien Crowther, unusually, succumbed to G Hawkes 9-22; Peter Menniss was our winner claiming a HOT SHOT on the way, 40-8 to F Thompson; Avril Thomas could not compete with M Tidd, 7-29.

Wealden had four matches in one day so it was a bit of a scratch team that took on Denton Island losing on all rinks and by 45-108: Wendy Botfield led S Sharp until the 18th end, 17-24; Peter Gacsall was up against Barry Geering, 5-30; Peter Colbourne, down to Ken Toop 4-13, did well to come back to 14-17;
Sue Walter had a nightmare start, 1-21 ending against Mary Rix 9-37.

We managed a win against West Hoathley losing one only rink, 131-107: Maurice Awcock led
Roger Meacham 10-0 but managed to hold on to 25-21; Derek Heather led Roy Williams throughout but kept his nose in front in a close match, 19-18; new boy Andrew Taylor trailed 0-9 so his win over
Nick Goodman was excellent, 25-24; Alan Bradley, one of our most reliable nowadays, beat Tony ‘Jubbly’ Grainger 26-14; Vivien Crowther got back to winning ways against Peter Manly, 22-11; Delia Hamer lost to Terry Metson 14-19.

Eastbourne were overcome four rinks to two and by 125-106: Peter Daly, down 2-6 early on, had a good win over P Winter, 21-11; Peter Flint Beat W Wylands 20-16; Vera Stevens was ahead 15-1 so resisted
K Hopkins’s comeback well, 26-14; Avril Thomas got stuck on 11 for seven ends against D Bain, 16-26; John Osmond was always behind B Colbran, 16-22; Carole Small could never score regularly against
A Summers, 10-21.

The ladies lost just one rink against Falaise, 89-74: Vera Stevens, in a fluctuating game, drew with
M Crossley 15-15; Wendy Botfield was always behind to J Cox, 6-21; Elizabeth Gooding won a close game with P Upton, 19-16; Margaret Winton restricted Y Bilsby to singles and one two, 27-9; Jan Noyes started strongly against A Pryke to win 22-13.

This year’s match with the Sussex Exec was a close affair on all rinks with Wealden ending ahead 119-112; Alex Parsons, with 7 on the last two ends, beat Colin Morphew 26-19; David Horsburgh, despite a 6 on end 18, lost to David Locke 19-21; Jim Wakefield had a close game with Henry Wood, 17-22; Tony Plater just got the better of Brian Henty, 19-16; John Harriyott scored twos on the last four ends to edge Ross Clifton 17-16; Richard Monk led 20-11 but only beat Derek Budd 21-18.

Against the Royals of Tunbridge Wells it was a good home win, 115-85: Leslie Timms’s rink was touch and go but won 15-14; Norman Dobson was too dominant for L Buckingham, 33-8; Jeff Elmer won a shortened game with J Rogans, 13-9; David Davies drew 20 apiece with A Pigeon; Steve Perris won fewer ends than
M Dick but won, 18-15.

Wealden won against Crowborough Wolfe 132-71: Alan Bradley overcame his opponent Ivan Atkinson 23-15; Maureen Spyers defeated Kevin Conby 17-14; Carole Small was too powerful for Mike Good, 20-8; Avril Thomas had a good game against Peter Flint, 20-11; Vivien Crowther won against K Craft, 24-12.

26 November

Wealden’s ladies travelled to Horsham and won a good match sharing the rinks but coming out 113-96: Joan Howson led all the way in her 22-14 defeat of M Dellard;  Jan Noyes was edged 15-16 by Angela Dalrimple; Margaret Winton scored heavily throughout to beat H Grant 28-10; Wendy Botfield only won 8 ends in her game with J Reynolds, 11-29; Helen Brooks had a close match with L Gladwell, 13-18; Ali Atkinson only conceded singles and a solitary 2 against J Barnes, 24-9.

When the Piscatorials came to Wealden there were kippers galore, although, yet again, none for me!  Again rinks were shared but the match won by Wealden: Vivien Crowther scored a 5 to bring the score to 6-5 but, for once, was beaten, by Gordon Bullen, 15-25; Peter Menniss only won seven ends and, unusually for him, came second to Val Hobart, 14-24; Peter Gacsall’s second outing as a skip went surprisingly well, he led Roy Wilkins all the way 24-11; Delia Hamer scored 15 in the last six ends to overcome Martin Harbottle 29-11; despite scoring a 6 Steve Ward went down to Margaret Bullen 19-21; the captain, David Davis, prevailed 28-15 over Chris Carless.

The match against the King Alfred club also had rinks shared but this time the visitors took the honours, just, 116-118: Ivan Atkinson beat Jon Hish 20-15; Alan Bradley, Mr. Reliable recently, wasn’t this time losing 10-27 to Ken Ross; Tony Plater scored 6 in the last four ends but this was not quite enough as T Jefferies won, 18-22; a 6 on the last end gave Derek Heather victory against J Grice, 20-18; Peter Daly was leading 10-5 but did not score again for seven ends to go down to M Arnold 19-23; Sue Walter was the best of us getting the better of D Nevell, 29-13.

A mixed team came unstuck visiting Denton Island, 96-162: Avril Thomas could not compete with Mo Wood, 10-41; Peter Flint was the only winner, playing Gordon Smith, 22-15; John Baker led 14-13 but did not score again, 14-24; Peter Carter was stuck on 2 for nine ends, so Colin Turner won 14-30; Maureen Spyers dropped a 5 and two 4s going down 15-27; Tony Plater came close leading 21-16 but was beaten by Ken Toop, 21-25.

Wealden got back to winning ways against Hellingly, 119-80; Peter Daly had a good win against Kevin Hylands, 24-16; Dorothy Glasby trailed then led 14-13 but lost out to Jean Akehurst in a tight finish, 16-18; Anne Daly, new to skipping, was edged by Nevil Grover in a low scoring match, 10-14; Peter Gacsall, him again, had another close game with Trevor Constable, 16-10; Vivien Crowther continued her excellent season beating Tony Hall 32-13; Delia Hamer had a good win to Wyn Lucas, 21-7.

22 November

In the first round of the Denny Plate against Denton Island Wealden’s two home rinks won by such a margin that losses away did not matter, finally it was 94-67. 75: Mike St. Jean gave Don Kent’s rink no quarter; Kent’s rink was a man short hence the score, 39-6. 75; Alex Parsons trailed S Ansell 6-8 after ten ends then never looked back, 27-10; away Adrian Wainwright led at ten ends but not after, 11-21;
Peter Carter struggled after being behind 1-12 at five ends, 17-30.

Uckfield came, including in their team a few quality Wealden players, and won 100-125: John Lewis got stuck on 4 for seven ends against D Wilson, 17-24; Robert May dropped a 5 early on to Brenda Stanley to go down 16-24; Alan Bradley led 10-3 so Tony Butler did well to earn a draw, 18-18; Delia Hamer was a good winner against David Carr, 23-15; Ivan Atkinson did well to come back and win from 6-12, 16-14; David Brooks, playing for Uckfield, scored too heavily throughout against Derek Heather, 10-30 which made all the difference to the overall score.

In a triples match against Eastbourne Wealden won 4-2 rinks but lost 89-107: the ever reliable Bill Bankier, although down to Jes Brady for much of the game; a late 7 made all the difference, 21-15; John Stevens was behind P Winter until 10 in three ends won the game, 22-18; David Driver only won six ends losing
11-27 to D Butler; Jeff Elmer only conceded six ends to D Bain winning 20-9; Brian Wilkins managed just five ends against R Hopkins, 6-26; Avril Thomas scored a 6 and a 4 in beating R Morris 19-12.

In the Mason Trophy Wealden ladies secured a solid win,51-29, both home and away: at home
Margaret Smith, after a slight faltering early on, led all the way, 25-19; away Joan Howson was unstoppable, 26-10.

In the SCIBA League against Adur the visitors’ captain was stunned to be beaten by humble Wealden, 8-3 in points, 3-3 in rinks and 123-113 in shots: Alex Parsons scored heavily throughout to beat Barry Ward; Tony Plater came up against a very strong rink skipped by Terry Honner to lose 8-25; Mick St. Jean led until 12 ends but a dropped 5 put Dennis Miles too far in front, 17-19; Peter Carter opened up an 11-1 lead early on and was never really challenged by John Godfrey; Adrian Wainwright did well to hold a strong rink skipped by David Hubbard, 17-21; Peter Menniss went behind 0-8 so did well to overcome Ron Wallace

14 November

Wealden’s trip to Horsham, one of the county’s best facilities, produced a fascinating match: at five ends Wealden led 40-22; Horsham caught up, overtook, went behind and finally prevailed 118-121: in the initial stages Maureen Spyers kept up with Dorothy Armstrong but then dropped 16 in four ends after which staying in contention was not possible, 14-35; Norman Dobson took time to get going, 4-10 after nine ends, came close to Monica Hargrave, 10-11, but could not quite do enough, 13-17; Vivien Crowther, skipping the captain’s rink against Geoff Kentish, dominated from 12-0 to the end, 26-11; Dorothy Glasby, madam President, led Heather Grant 13-2, dropped 13 in four ends to slip behind 13-15, the lead kept changing to finish 24-20; Peter Gacsall, a name familiar somehow, had an always close game against David James trailing 4-6, leading 14-6, later 17-17; Peter Gacsall came to the last two ends 20-19 and with some precise drawing won 25-19.  This took the overall score to 118 -118 with only Tony Plater’s rink to play out, they had thus far been nip and tuck, still with two ends against Gerry Thornback but dropped three.

Having lost the first SCIBA League match by one shot, Wealden selectors made wholesale changes to the team against Egerton Park.  In the match rinks were split 3-3, with four very close games, but Wealden lost 108-139 and 3 points to 8: Mel Woodhams went behind briefly to Nigel Hooper but came back to win 24-22; Adrian Wainwright could only score singles and a solitary 2 against R Morphett who scored heavily throughout, 11-32; Peter Menniss took an early 7-0 lead and just managed to keep ahead of N Lawson to win 20-19; Mike Marshall could only win eight ends and dropped a seven against Mike Stone, 11-24; Peter Carter was behind Roy Batsford until the 19th end but came out the winner, 23-22; Malcolm Goman regularly exchanged the lead with T Monk but dropped a single on the last end to lose 19-20.

Wealden ladies faced Horsham in the Mason Trophy: after 5 ends they were 8-8 and dominated thereafter. At home Margaret Smith trailed Joy Reynolds 3-6 after five ends, took the lead at ten, 13-8, and stayed ahead to win 25-19; away Joan Howson led Monica Hargrave all the way, 26-10.

When Preston ladies came to Wealden rinks were shared but Wealden won, 132-116: Elizabeth Gooding always led, 27-16; Janet Birch never did, 16-22; Joan Howson, despite an early 5, was just beaten 19-22; Vera Sevens led 16-4 so faltered rather in the second half to win by only 24-17; Jan Noyes was steadiest winning 27-13; Helen Brooks won only eight ends, although one of those was a HOT SHOT, she lost 19-26.

8 November

When Brixton came last year they lost by a big margin.  When Wealden travelled to Brixton this season the rôles were reversed, but by a smaller margin, 2 rinks to 4 and 92-121: Mel Woodhams was a good winner, 23-11; Brenda Stanley raced to a 7-1 lead but went down 15-25; Tony Butler trailed 1-10 so improved to lose 10-25; Bill Hooker, who is having a good season, was a winner, 21-12; May Urban dropped three 3s going down 11-22; Steve Perris led early but dropped a 7 that led eventually to 12-26.

The SCWIBA League team travelled to Eastbourne and prevailed 3 rinks to 2 and 99-77: Joan Howson always led S Simmons to win 22-18; Elizabeth Gooding scored a 5 but could not win enough ends in a close match with U Fenner, 14-15; Janet Birch was ahead all the way against P Bessell, 20-13; Margaret Smith never dropped more than a couple to beat A Summers 26-11; Helen Brooks scored 9 in two ends early on and maintained her lead from there onwards, 17-20.

Against the Drive only four triples were played which Wealden won 3 rinks to 1 and 94-59: David Horsburgh was behind in the early stages but scored steadily to beat Jane Cummins 20-18; Robert May was more consistent against Chris Heath, 27-10; Tony Plater’s rink dominated Derek Budde from the beginning, 35-12; Vivien Crowther won only eight ends in a relatively close game, 12-19.

31 October

In the match against the Langney League Wealden ladies outscored their opponents two to one winning all five rinks, 109-51.

The Mid Sussex League, ostensibly outdoor players, came very close, sharing the rinks and losing by just 4 shots, 121-117: against David Horsburgh, Terry Tietjen led 5 – 16 halfway so Horsburgh did well to get back to 14-22; Jim Wakefield’s rink were too strong for Trish Johnson, 32-13; on the captains’ rink Steve Perris trailed 8-22 after 13 ends and won the last 8 to finish 16-24; Tony Plater had a close game with Mike Fowler winning 18-15; Avril Thomas ran Joy Reynolds close losing 17-21; the closest match was between John Robinson and Tony Ludbrook with the lead changing throughout and ending 24-22.

At the Angel (Tonbridge) Wealden lost two rinks to four and 96-125: Peter Daly took the lead over P Lillie briefly at 13-12 but only managed two more shots, 15-21; Brian Wilkins, who has been playing well so far, edged R Kongalbeck 20-17 having led all the way; Andrew Hathaway led P Hoff 9-7 after 12 ends but then rather lost the plot dropping two 5s and ending 12-28; Peter Flint out-muscled B Tester 27-8; Sue Hanlon had a torrid time losing to A Philpott 7-34; Tony Plater had another close match this time going down to
M Yates 15-17.

Denton Island’s SWCIBA League visited to play a very close match on all rinks, which Wealden edged 79-76: Jan Noyes only won six ends going down 12-17 to C White; Margaret Smith scored steadily to beat
L Harris 19-12; Elizabeth Gooding restricted S Dennis mainly to singles winning 19-14; Joan Howson went down to N Farber in a low scoring match 9-15; Janet Birch, having led 14-6, did well to resist a late surge by S Sharp ending 20-18.

More visitors from Kent, Royal Tunbridge Wells, came and conquered 111-123 although sharing the rinks: Alan Bradley led 12-11 after 13 ends but Graham Bridges had the better final run, 16-18; Bill Hooker won a nail biter 18-17; David Horsburgh led 20-4 but did well to hang on, 23-16; Tony Szylka dropped too many multiple scores, but gained a 6 late on, to lose 18-26; Delia Hamer had a strong second half to beat John White 27-19; David Keeltley struggled to keep up not scoring in the last eight ends to Nick Butcher, 9-24.

25 October

A mixed Wealden team travelled to Worthing to play five rinks losing 3 to 2 and 81-92: Valerie Menniss led early but lost 12-18; Vera Stevens went down to the very experienced Lew Mockett 8-22; Steve Perris led most of the way, got stuck on 14 and was beaten by Don Robinson 15-22; Alex Parsons skipped the captains’ rink beating Reg Hillier 19-17; Peter Menniss had a convincing win over George Robinson 27-13.

The Wealden ladies won comfortably against the visiting Langney SWIBA league side, 5 rinks to zero and 109-51: Jan Noyes over R Riggs 18-11; Joan Howson resoundingly over B Thomas 32-9; Janet Birch against J Leeson 15-11; Helen Brooks, the only Wealden rink ever to be behind trailing 1-9 after 6 ends came back superbly to beat K Selby 20-12; Margaret Smith was just too strong for J Savin, 24-8.

The Mid Sussex League team came and played a very close fought match 3-3 in rinks but 119-117 to Wealden: David Horsburgh stayed in touch with Terry Tietjen but went down 14-22; Jim Wakefield’s rink made all the difference beating Trish Johnson 32-13; Steve Perris, skipping the captains’ rink, down 7-18 halfway, did well to get to 16-24; Tony Slater always led after the opening exchanges to overcome
Mike Fowler 18-15; Avril Thomas gave Joy Reynolds a good run losing just 17-21; John Robinson did not lead until he picked up a 6 on the 18th end winning 24-22.

The ladies played Langney again, this time in the Yetton Trophy, 2 rinks at home and 2 away, triumphing in three and by a decisive 84-55: at home it was in the middle of the match that Janet Birch dominated
R Riggs to win 19-14; Jan Noyes had a strong win against C Vogels 24-12; away Margaret Smith was down 1-12 after ten ends so did brilliantly to get back to 17-18; Joan Howson was impressive in a her win over
K Selby 24-11.

22 October

A mixed team went to Mote Park to play eight triples: Wealden won three rinks (John Dollar; Brian Wilkins, the star 26-9, and the ever reliable Alan Bradley) but lost five, 127-140.

Then we saw the local ladies’ Derby, Wealden v Grattons: Wealden came out on top 100-84; Wendy Bottfield (28-10), Val Menniss (24-8) and Joan Howson (22-8) had strong wins; Liz Gooding won narrowly (17-14); but Magaret Winton (4-23) and the captain, Vera Stevens, (15-21) lost.

Langney came to play a good close match in which the visitors just shaved it by 105-118: David Horsburgh led during the last five ends but ended with a draw, 19-19; Tony Szylka also had a close match being behind most of the time but lost the last four, 18-20; Vera Stevens was behind throughout, 13-24; a six put Mick Marshall ahead for the first time, a lead he kept, 19-12; Wendy Botfield was always playing catch up, 13-21; May Urban’s rink were the stars winning 23-12.

Wealden had a good win against Lindfield, although Delia Hamer lost to Peter Colbourne 13-19. Bill Hooker won 27-7; Carol Small 32-12; Dorothy Glasby 24-11; Alan Bradley 24-13; and Derek Heather 29-8.

14 October

Despite it being good bowling weather outside we have all come indoors for the new season.  Traditionally early in the season Wealden IBC plays the Wealden outdoor club, with WIBC winning 4 rinks to 2 and 160-79. When Wealden entertained the Angel (Tonbridge) the final scores were closer with Wealden winning four rinks, Angel one and one drawn, and by 134-116:  Adrian Wainwright led Mick Yates 18-5 after 16 ends but allowed Mick Yates back to win by just 21-14; Sue Walter’s game with Jim Parker was a close affair ending 24-23; Steve Perris and Tom London were even closer, 25-25; Peter Daly always led Arnold Philpott ending 27-16; Derek Heather’s win over Phil Lillie, 20-15, could have been better but for a 5 dropped on the last end; the captain, Vera Stevens, lost to a strong rink skipped by Bert Simmons 17-23.

The ladies of Horsham came and lost with three close rinks and three very one-sided: Wendy Bottfield ceded an early lead to go down 16-22 to Anne Dalrymple; Vera Stevens prevailed over Jean Barnes in a keenly fought game 24-22; Helen Brooks beat Denise Armstrong by the same margin, 19-17; Elizabeth Gooding had no mecy on Helen Grant, 43-3; Janet Birch led Viv Pickering all the way to win 25-9; Jan Noyes was too strong for Amy Frecknall, 32-10.

Egerton Park always bring a strong team but home advantage just gave Wealden the edge 108-105 - despite only winning two rinks: Joan Howson edged Malcolm Brown 22-19; Derek Heather got stuck on 10 for the last seven ends to lose 10-21; the lead changed a number of times between Sue Walter and Mick Burton but Sue came out ahead 24-16; Alan Bradley and Anne Leggat swapped the lead often with Egerton winning 14-17; Peter Flint started well but was defeated 13-17 by Pauline Forrester; the difference was made by Steve Perris’ rink who beat Ian Hay 28-12.

The ladies of Worthing came and had the temerity to beat Wealden 5 rinks to one and 117-92: Vera Stevens got to 10-11 but did not score another point until the last end, Gill Robinson winning 14-22; Jan Noyes was the only winner, against Mary Slater, 19-13; Janet Birch led in the first half but eventually went down to Celia Bellingham, 17-23; Elizabeth Gooding ran Wendy Davies close but lost 19-21; Joan Howson took a long time to get going so 7 shots on the last two ends were too late, 13-20; Wendy Bottfield also led early on but Clair Goodall came out on top 9 – 18.

Banks BA also won by four rinks to two and 116-110: Jim Wakefield stated slowly but won the last 9 ends to beat Phillip Gregson 22-10; Ivan Atkinson started well but once overtaken never got back, 18-25; Brian Wilkins dropped a 6 to go behind to Mike Good 4-11 but a good second half took him to an excellent win, 22-16; David Horsburgh was always behind to Colin Watson, 15-29; Norman Dobson had a very close match with David Todd but ended 17-18; Tony Plater’s match with Ken McVeigh was also close losing just 16-18.