The following match reports are prepared by Peter Gacsall.

As the seaon is now over indoor season is now over, I know that all our readers will wish to thank Peter for all his work in preparing these reports - Thank you Peter. PK, Web Editor.

2nd May

Weadlen Indoor Bowls Club Finals

As ever, the finals at Wealden produced a range of matches from the somewhat one-sided, much to the chagrin of your correspondent, to several that were really tightly fought games.

Men’s Singles: Richard Dann took an early lead but got stuck on seven until the penultimate end so Andrew Taylor won 21-8.

Ladies Singles: Joan Howson was given a walkover owing to illness.

Singles Plate: Ken Long beat Bill Hooker two sets to one (9-4; 6-8; 12-2)

Ladies’ Pairs: Sue Walter & Jan Noyes beat Shirley Nelson & Joan Howson 24-15

Men’s Pairs: John Baker & Robert May were trailing 12-19 but beat Chris Dann & Richard Dann 20-19 on the extra end.

Men’s Triples: Steve Perris, Andrew Taylor & Peter Carter beat Robert Warwick, Bill Bankier, & John Lewis 19-4

Ladies’ Triples: Ann Lindsay, Sue Walter & Jan Noyes beat Pam Johns, Janet Birch & Elizabeth Gooding
18-14 having led 18-8

Ladies Fours: Ann Duncan, Joan Poulton, Sue Walter & Jan Noyes, in a very tight game, beat Shirley Nelson, Barbara Hooker, Elizabeth Gooding & Joan Howson on the extra end 19-16

Men’s Fours: Jason Walter, Steve Perris, Andrew Taylor & Peter Carter beat Paul Bray, Peter Gacsall,
Andy Clews & Tony Plater 20-9

Mixed Pairs: Sue Taylor & Adrian Wainwright came back to beat Corinne Urben & Guy Thornley 23-19 having trailed 9-18

Mixed Fours: Sue Taylor, Maureen Spyers, David Horsburgh & Adrian Wainwright beat Corinne Urben,
Ann Daly, Patrick Urben & Tony Szylka

Backbone (Hundred up): In a really close match Ian Scutt & Alan Bradley beat Tony Baker & David lewis 101-99

Drawn Triples: Peter Dacey, Paul Wehrle & Tony Baker beat Colin Owen, Mike Simmons & Hazel Burr 17-13

Married Pairs: Jackie & Bob Smith beat Sally & Tony Butler 20-13

Football Cup Final: Liverpool (Corinne Urben, Patrick Urben & Guy Thornley) beat Chelsea (Tony Szylka, Alan Bradley & Steve Perris) 2-1

18th April

Sutton & District boarded their coach in great hopes.  They shared the rinks but lost 119-96.  Mike Marshal started well, relinquished the lead to 6-11 after thirteen ends but won 18-13; Peter Carter’s men were unstoppable, 32-9; David Horsburgh led throughout, 26-11.

Just four rinks of ladies travelled to Adur and, against the odds, won despite shared rinks, 80-73. 
Janet Birch led 21-19 but was pipped, 22-21; Vera Stevens was 8-0 after two ends so won 26-15;
Wendy Botfield won a tight match 22-18.

Hailsham’s (outdoor club) triples rather struggled, 137-77.  Vivien Crowther, in good form, 28-11;
Mike Simmons, 27-10; Alan Bradley had a hiccough, 14-12; as did Chris Searle, 11-18; Carole Small was merciless, 44-0; Ivan Atkinson stumbled, 13-22.

The ladies travelling to Preston (Brighton, not Lancashire), played well but came second, 99-117.  Only the irrepressible Sue Walter, 31-10 and Maureen Spyers, 19-13 were winners.

Chris Searle led throughout, 27-13; as did David Horsburgh, 33-10; David Keetley started slowly, 2-10 and never caught up, 13-22; as did David Lewis, 4-14, a seven on the last end helped, 19-26; Andrew Hathaway was tested by Keith Jackson but prevailed, 20-16.

9th April

A team of six triples travelled to the Victory, Portsmouth, and, as usual, struggled with the speed of their carpet winning just two and drawing on one, 79-115: May Urben secured a draw coming from behind,
17-17; Geoff Nelson struggled throughout, 8-28; Norman “Dobbo” Dobson, down 7-11 after twelve ends did brilliantly to win 16-11; Wendy Botfield got stuck on five for seven ends, 9-16; Cyril Woolgar, impressing yet again, led all the way, 17-9; Vivien Crowther only won six ends but they included two fours, 12-34.

Despite having a few indoor bowlers outdoor clubs generally struggle.  So it was when Buxted came managing just one drawn rink, 130-77: Wendy Botfield did not score against Neal Parrington until the tenth end so 18-18 was quite a comeback; Maureen Spyers led 15-1 so John Dellar did well to get back to 26-20; Steve Perris played a steady game, 24-12; as did Dave Horsburgh, 23-13; Dorothy Glasby dominated in her game against Alan Bradley, 39-14.

The ladies had a close match against the SCWIBA Patrons, 113-116: Vera Stevens never really came to terms, 12-34; Elizabeth Gooding powered her way to 32-14; Janet Birch drew with Brenda Davies, 17-17; Jan Noyes could not overcome a slow start, 9-23; Margaret Winton did a little better, 14-20; Joan Howson was a powerhouse, 29-8.

The visit to Grattons produced a fascinating game.  Grattons led by 12 after five ends, 18 after ten but scores were level at fifteen and Wealden edged the match 103-89.  Jim Wakefield started very slowly, 3-12, but fifteen in five ends gave impetus to win 18-17; Richard Flower was another slow starter, 0-5, then 4-7, but Gordon Hall was stuck on 7 for ten ends, 27-8; Richard Monk’s opponent, Dave Dawson got stuck on 6 for seven ends, 17-12; Tony Plater kept up with Derick Offer but having got to 9-12 did not score again,
9-17; Peter Flint had a torrid time, 14-28; Sue Walter was slow to get going, 0-5, took the lead at 10-9, relinquished it dropping a five to 10-14 but secured a good win, 18-17.

31st March

Groombridge were beaten 103-93; Wealden’s winners being Bob Smith, 14-11; Vivien Crowther 17-15;
Ivan Atkinson 26-15; and Hazel Burr, 25-11.

The trip to Arun was a bit of a lesson for us ending 86-152 with just one winner, Alex Parsons, 25-14.
Against Uckfield five rinks were won, 147-103: David Horsburgh won a close game with Tony Butler, 19-17; Adrian Wainwright led Di Wilson all the way, 33-13; Mel Woodhams once in the lead over Dave Bissett, had a close match until he scored 14 in the last five ends, 28-16; Vivien Crowther, as almost usual, beat the laid back Tony Szylka 24-9; Cyril Woolgar allowed Phil Soper a bit of a comeback having been in front 19-8 to finish 29-20.

Buxted could manage just one draw on the captains’ rink Wendy Botfield 18-18 with Neal Parrington; Maureen Spyers beat John Dellar 26-20; Steve Perris overcame John Hickey 24-12; David Horsburgh got the better of Ken Long 23-13; and Dorothy Glasby beat our very own Alan Bradley 39-14.

The visit of Wey Valley was a good demonstration of how Wealden endeavour to wrest defeat from the jaws of victory in the last few ends.  We were ahead 33-23 after five ends; 66-56 after ten; better, 98-78 after fifteen only to lose 120-123.  With five rinks complete the one left playing, names withheld to protect the culpable, scores were 19-19 and 120-120 overall.  Ivan Atkinson led 12-0 then 12-11, 23-13 to end 23-19; Alan Bradley faltered a little from 13-1 to 13-10 but won 28-12; Peter Flint was 11-14 but lost 14-21; Vivien Crowther went into tea 12-13 so 14-32 was very disappointing; Sue Walter led 20-12 after sixteen ends to win 22-17; Maureen Spyers led until the last two ends, 19-22.

19th March

Wealden headed the Division 2 table in the SCIBA League finishing their campaign following two 11-0 wins with 10-1, and 161-80, at Langney Sports.  Adrian Wainwright maintained his record, faltering slightly when P Friend caught up to 11-11 but ended 24-14; Peter Menniss struggled against Gary Selby’s very accurate drawing to go down 15-24; Peter Carter was utterly dominant against R Robert, 38-13; as was Tony Plater, 35-9 over A Rowden; Alex Parsons scored steadily against A Craig, 23-12; Mel Woodhams had the closest match with C Smith but a central passage scoring 19-1 secured the victory 26-18.

In the SCWIBA League Wealden’s ladies also beat Langney in a closer game, 9-2 and 86-76.
Elizabeth Gooding led 15-0 so J Leeson did well to get to 26-11; Wendy Botfield was down 1-13 at the fifth end so had a little revival to 10-24; Vera Stevens was 2-13 to J Savin at the halfway point so 12-17 was a good result; Joan Howson fought back from 5-10 to win 17-12; having dropped a six on the second end Janet Birch controlled the rest of the match, 21-12.

In friendlies Gulliver’s were beaten 104-90 the winners being Peter Flint 22-9, David Driver 18-14,
Maureen Spyers, 22-16 and Carole Small 18-15; Ray Spraggett drew 14-14 but, unusually for her,
Vivien Crowther lost 10-22.

Lewes and Barcombe combined forces with mainly outdoor players but Wealden’s experienced indoor players prevailed 159-92.  David Wells, a new skip, won 26-15; David Horsburgh lost the last third 7-14 but held on to win, 25-21; Mike Simmons led 17-9 so a draw, 19-19 was disappointing; Vivien Crowther was back to winning ways, 22-14; Hazel Burr was a mini powerhouse, 36-8; a six, a five and a four in the last five ends took Dave Keetley to a good win, 31-15.

14th March

Wealden’s SCWIBA League had an excellent win at Denton Island, 11-0 and 103-58.  Jan Noyes was down 2-5 but once in the lead stayed there, 18-14; Margaret Smith always led, 23-12; as did Elizabeth Gooding, 19-11; twelve in six ends helped Janet Birch to win 23-8; Joan Howson briefly lost the lead at 8-9 but won 20-13.

The SCIBA League team imposed an 11-0 and 152-78 defeat when Falaise came a-visiting. There were five strong wins: Peter Carter’s rink by 27-6; Adrian Wainwright, 26-14; Alec Parsons, 30-16; Mel Woodhams, 22-17; and Tony Plater, 30-14.  The only close match was between Peter Menniss and John Blackford where the lead changed several times to 9-10 but then Menniss scored 9 in four ends to lead 18-9, a lead which he never relinquished, 22-17.

It is always an interesting and enjoyable game when the Sussex Under 25s come.  Several centuries of experience were telling with Wealden winning three rinks to one and 79-61.  Alan Bradley led all the way but won by just a single shot, 18-17; Andy Clews was more decisive, 24-9; Tony Plater was behind Jonathan Fen-Tye during the first half but seven in two ends took him ahead 13-7 then to win 20-16; Dave Driver went from 1-7 down to 8-8, went behind, 10-8, led 12-11 but eventually lost 17-19.

Hawth Seniors, a relative term in bowls, could not really challenge losing 136-40.  The winners were: Ray Spragget, 27-6; Dave Horsburgh, 28-8; Peter Daly, 31-6; and Gloria Dowding, 34-4. John Lander briefly led at the beginning but was behind for the rest until seven in the last four ends secured a draw,n 16-16.
Against the Sollihull Strollers touring side Wealden narrowly conceded defeat 89-92.  Robert May was always in front, 16-11; as was David Keetley in a closer game, 14-13; Peter Flint started slowly but won 15-9; Norman Dobson was doing well until he dropped a six late on, 18-18; Vivien Crowther edged a narrow win, 18-16; but the damage was done when Carole Small was beaten 8-25.

The next SCWIBA outing at Falaise was less successful, Wealden only winning one rink, Val Menniss leading throughout, 19-13; Jan Noyes lost in a low scoring game, 8-17; Wendy Botfield managed a draw, 16-16; Joan Howson was stuck on 4 for eight ends, 12-28; Vera Stevens scored three on the first end but did not score again until the eighth, 10-24.

The match against Grattons had three close games and three much less so.  It was three rinks all but 117-130.  The winners were David Horsburgh, 25-23; Peter Menniss, 20-17; and Richard Monk, 31-7.

9th March

Excitement for Wealden Bowls: Joan Howson is through to the last 32 in the country in the National Over 60 Ladies Singles; Elizabeth Gooding & Jill Saunders are through to the last 32 in the National Over 60 Ladies Pairs.

Joan Howson, Elizabeth Gooding and Jill Saunders are through to the Quarter Finals of the Sussex County Ladies Badged Triples and Jan Noyes, Maureen Spyers, Vera Stevens and Shirley Nelson to the Quarter Finals of the Sussex County Ladies County Patrons Fours.

A fixture we always enjoy is the visit of the Sussex County Under 25s: Wealden won 79-60: Alan Bradley had a close match with T Taylor all through, 18-17; Andy Clews was not stretched, 24-9; thanks to winning the final five ends Tony Plater beat J Fen-Tye, 20-16; Dave driver took time to get started so did well to get to 17-18.

In the match at Egerton Wealden won two of the six triples, 81-95: Mike Simmons convincingly, 15-7; and Cyril Woolgar, doing well as a skip this season, came from behind, 17-14.

Given that Isle of Thorns is an outdoor team they did well to win half the rinks, 83-79: Madam President, Dorothy Glasby beat Wealden Stalwart John Harriyott 25-15; as did Maureen Spyers another, Jan Noyes, 22-14.

Against the Sussex Past Presidents (& friends) Wealden put out a strong team so 149-94 was not a surprise: Peter Menniss beat Alan Hilton 29-11; Jim Wakefield had a close game with Ken Long 21-18;
Tony Plater dominated Vic Sherwood to 40-5; David Driver got stuck on 15 for seven ends but drew with Mike Clark, 16-16; John Naylor got Mike Beesley stuck on 12 for twelve ends, 27-14.

21st February

First, congratulations are in order for Maureen Spyers, Sue Taylor, David Horsburgh and Adrian Wainwright who have reached the last sixteen of the National Mixed Fours.  Good luck to them for future rounds.
The SCIBA League visit to King Alfred last week was as difficult as usual, Wealden losing 2-9 in points and by 115-128 in shots.   Tony Plater is maintaining his form winning 30-21 as did Adrian Wainwright with

In the SCWIBA League Wealden ladies travelled to Egerton Park to come second in a close match, 2-9 points and 73-88 in shots.  Elizabeth Gooding had a good win having trailed 2-9 early on, 20-13; Janet Birch struggled throughout, 9-27; Vera Stevens was down 2-15 so did well to come back for 13-20; Val Menniss did better having been down 2-11 to finish 13-16; Joan Howson started behind but eight in five ends secured the lead which she held, 18-12.

The Mid Downs Tourists brought many familiar faces in a strong team to win 94-135.  Wealden won on just two, Chris Searle led most of the way but after a poor middle passage came back to win 21-19; old faithful Norman Dobson raced to an 11-1 lead, faltered a little but hung on to 19-17.

In the SCIBA League Horsham visited but found it hard to come to terms with the Wealden green losing 11-0 and 202-52.  Suffice it to say: all rinks won with three, Peter Menniss, Adrian Wainwright and Tony Plater winning by a margin of thirty or more.

13th February

Trying to play two games on the same day is always going to present problems.  This week Wealden tried it three times.  First, at home, Wealden ran the visitors from Portsmouth, The Victory club, very close, 111-112 even if only two rinks won, Robert May, 20-16 and Peter Daly with a strong 29-12, the biggest margin of the match.

The team travelling to Sutton, to play on their blue carpet, cries of “Take more blue!” struggled, going down 76-143.  Again two rinks won but by small margins: Tony Szylka’s chaps had a close game ending with a win by the odd shot, 23-22, and Andy Corben by 18-15.

The ladies travelled to Arun to secure a good win, 107-82 and four rinks to one: May Urben led 10-0 but only just managed to hold on, 23-22; Maureen Spyers was behind for most of the match but 11-2 in the last six ends, including a six, helped to achieve the win, 20-17; Vera Stevens had a good middle patch moving from 6-6 to 18-8 & winning 24-13; Jan Noyes performed as strongly as ever, 23-11.
The London Civil Service were defeated thanks to David Driver, a sometime skip, 28-15, and the usually reliable Vivien Crowther, 27-18.

Only two rinks won at Egham in a defeat by 107-136: Geoff Nelson, having a good season so far, 22-20; and Sue Hanlon, 23-12.  At home on the same day a win was secured against Rotherfield, only a few of whom play indoors, 94-61: Peter Daly 24-7; John Naylor, 25-5; Vivien Crowther, a bit more of a struggle this time, 15-14; and the evergreen Alan Bradley, 17-14.

The next day there was a match at King Alfred which Wealden lost 2-9 – no score sheets available as I write. There was also another match at home against Newick, most of whose members play at Wealden anyway, Wealden prevailed 129-114; although the scores had been level on 104-104.  Interestingly two married couples played and the ladies won and drew while the gentlemen did not: Peter Gacsall had a good win over Robert May who, it must be admitted, lacked the luck element, 28-11; Avril Thomas led until the very last end, 18-18; Dorothy (Madam President) Glasby won 33-15; and Ann Daly was too strong for Peter Smith, 26-10.

7th February

A trip to Gulliver’s, with its two rink facility, is always interesting although the result was not entirely satisfying as Wealden lost both rinks, 11-28 and 15-17 to lose 26-45.

Adur came with a very strong team and had the temerity to win all six rinks, 72-165.

The ladies of Grattons came and Wealden managed to win four of six rinks: 132-101.  For half the match Margaret Winton’s rink ebbed and flowed leading 5-2; then trailing 9-7 but winning five of the last seven ends meant victory by 20-14; Vera Stevens led all the way to 25-9; Jan Noyes had 12 on the board before the rhyming Linda Whinder managed to score, 31-10; Joan Howson conceded just six ends winning 30-12.

30th January

There was a mixed bag of results for Wealden this week: Sutton came and gave us a bit of a drubbing 80-158 with only Cyril Woolgar’s rink securing a win, 22-20. The Eastbourne SCWIBA League team also inflicted a defeat on the home side, 78-101 and 2 rinks to 3.  Janet Birch led Ann Summers all the way, 26-7; Jan Noyes led to 5-0 but dropped behind 5-8, won the next five ends, 16-8 but finally only just hung on to win 17-15.

In the trip to Egerton Park only steady old John Osmond could manage a win, 17-15 the overall score being 107-124.

Groombridge won two of the triples when they came to play Wealden, 115-90: Jennie Sandford dominated, 10-1, was played to a draw, 11-11 but came back, 21-12; Bob Smith hardly broke sweat, 28-8; Vivien Crowther dropped a five to be behind briefly but got ahead to win 16-14; although Ann Daly got stuck for seven ends, from 17-5 to 17-13 she secured the win, 19-13.

Whiteknights struggled to bring a team winning two rinks: Jonathan Couper kept his nose in front all the way, 21-19; the captain, Tony Plater engineered a strong performance from his men, 37-14, as did Andrew Hathaway, 32-13.

Although Wealden ladies lost four rinks to Sutton the winners’ margins were enough to produce a win, 120-106: Elizabeth Gooding by 33-6 and Valerie Menniss, 29-11.

29th January

Wealden’s SCIBA League team got back to winning ways when Preston visited: a 10-1 and 123-91 win.  As so often the lead changed hands several times on every rink.  Peter Carter’s men were behind 0-7 before they got going to achieve 13-7 halfway; it got more even but they were never really challenged again, 22-16; similarly Alex Parsons was 0-4 down but dominated thereafter to win 24-13; Adrian Wainweright secured another good win hardly breaking sweat, 28-8; Tony Plater had a closer game leading 11-6, then drawing 11-11, 1, 2, and a 4 took him to 18-11 eventually to win 25-18; Mel Woodhams nearly let things go as he led 15-5 losing six ends on the trot only to win 16-11; Peter Menniss took the lead early, led 14-6, dropped eleven shots in four ends to go down 18-25.

16th January

The ladies of Wealden had a good win when the Angel, Tonbridge, came a-visiting, 130-107.  Wealden’s three winning rinks – skipped by Janet Birch (23-17); Vera Stevens (27-9) and Maureen Spyers (24-14) - all won by greater margins than the losing rinks.

When an ad hoc team such as Insurance BA visit indoor clubs with winning expectations, it was good that it was a relatively close fought match with Wealden winning 129-106 but only three rinks with another drawn: Andrew Hathaway, 33-17; Peter Daly, who is proving to be a consistently good skip, 26-12; Cyril Woolgar, 20-12; with Alan Bradley drawing 18-18.

When we went to Eastbourne it became three out of three, 130-97.  The winners were the evergreen Norman Dobson, 19-17; the youthful Peter Colbourne, 23-17; and, hardly stretched, Geoff Nelson, 38-8.

In the SCIBA League at Falaise the wheels came off in more than one sense.  The match was close most of the way but Wealden faltered in the last stretch, 106-123.  Peter Menniss led 13-3 at end 11 only to lose 14-23; Peter Carter’s match changed lead several times ending with 3,2,2, to win 22-17; the ever reliable Adrian Wainwright led much of the time, dropped a 5 and lost the lead at end 15 but came back 22-21; in a very close match Tony Plater lost on an incredible final end where the team holding shot changed nine times John Blackford for Falaise securing victory with the very last wood, 20-22; Alex Parsons led 15-11 at end 16 but lost 15-17; Steve Perris was 0-9 before he scored, thereafter it was close, 13-23.

28th December

The close of the first half of the season did not run as smoothly as its beginning. There was a heavy defeat to Worthing, 83-152, with only Jennie Sandford’s rink able to win, 20-17, with others losing by a margin.
The trip to White Knights was equally disappointing, 65-110, the closest to a success being
Vivien Crowther’s draw, 17-17.

A good win was secured against Buxted, 128-58, with wins on four of the five rinks: Peter Gacsall, with two bowlers on his rink playing their first match, felt there was a modicum of success losing by just 16-21 having been down 3-12 at tea; John Dellar won 19-15; Dorothy Glasby 37-4; Maureen Spyers 31-9; and David Horsburgh 25-9.

The visit of Egham, while an enjoyable match, was another substantial loss, 89-150, losing on all rinks.
The most enjoyable games are usually the closest.  Against Worthing a win was achieved by just 110-108 despite winning only two of the rinks: David Horsburgh by 21-16; and Richard Flower by 28-19.

2nd December

The ladies’ Yetton team march on beating Worthing 75-55, although sharing rinks 2-2.  The winners were Joan Howson’s rink, 28-8, and Jan Noyes’s, 21-10. Despite travelling away to Eastbourne a mixed team won the match convincingly 5 rinks to 1 and 138-100. The ladies team went to Horsham but did not fare quite so well losing 3 rinks to 2 and 79-103. The Piscatorials came, with the usual packs of kippers, and drew rinks but lost to Wealden on points, 101-111.

In the SCIBA League, the unbeaten King Alfred team came to Wealden to lose 5 rinks to 1 so Wealden took 10 points to 1 and 179-85 in shots: Richard Monk’s men dominated 38-9; Peter Carter’s rink led 11-7, drew at 11-11, then 13-13, then 15-15 eventually to go down 17-23; Adrian Wainwright’s rink were dominant ending 31-11; Alex Parsons had a good win, 23-15; Mel Woodhams’s men were not stretched winning 46-9; John Baker’s rink had all the excitement trailing 1-10, thanks to three outrageous wicks by Trevor Vine, the opposing skip, in the first four ends; then, with steady performances by all the team, catching up a little to 7-15, going ahead 20-15 having won six ends on the trot, to win 24-18.

22nd November

Wealden’s good start to the season continues.  When Preston ladies came Wealden took the match 4½ to 1½ and 129-95, Vera Stevens’s rink (28-11) and Joan Howson’s (26-9) were particularly strong. Balcombe, with few indoor bowlers, could not really compete, losing 170-49.

In the Yetton Plate, against Worthing, both home and away teams drew one rink each but strong showings by Jan Noyes (21-10) at home and Joan Howson (28-8) away did more than enough to secure the win

For the men playing the Denny Plate against Preston both home teams won, Adrian Wainwright’s rink by 19-8 and Peter Menniss’s by 15-13; away, although Tony Plater lost 14-25 Peter Carter’s win 18-12 secured the match.

15th November

Some important matches in the past week: in the SCWIBA League Wealden overcame Denton 3 rinks to 2 and 82-66: Elizabeth Gooding’s rink made all the difference defeating F. Eager 34-5.

In the Denny Plate Langney was dispatched 75-45 all rinks playing well and consistently. The next challenge was the London and Southern Counties Challenge Shield, Wealden winning, just, 88-85.  This time it was Adrian Wainwright’s rink that made the difference with a score of 34-19.

In their next SCWIBA League match the ladies, away at Eastbourne, were edged out 79-86 despite Joan Howson’s 21-12 overcoming of Anne Summers. The ladies chalked up another good win in the Vivienne Cup against Preston, 81-45 the stars this time being Vivien Crowther’s rink overwhelming Lesley Burns’s

An Uckfield team came to play a friendly match, many of their players being Wealden members, and beat Wealden 5 rinks to 1 and 106-133.

At Horsham, in the county league, Wealden started so well; John Baker’s merry men started with 9-0, lost the lead then regained it to the end, 28-16; Peter Carter’s chaps were 4 down going into the last, scored a 5 to secure a point; the rest lost.  The game went for 110-123.

14th November

The men of Arun came but were conquered, four rinks to two and 127-108 with the captain, Tony Plater’s rink having a particularly strong win, 28-12.

The next day a mixed team travelled to the Angel, Tonbridge, where Peter Flint secured a good win, 27-17 and Peter Daly, bowling particularly well this season, won by two shots.  The other four rinks lost and in the match the score was 93-152.

The ladies of Denton Island came, but Wealden proved too strong winning three rinks heavily and losing on two: Margaret Smith scored regularly but not enough with her opponent, Kate Flood, scoring a 5 and a 6 to win 10-22; Joan Howson always kept ahead of Meg Farber, 17-14; Janet Birch had the opposite experience against Cara White, 13-17; Jan Noyes beat Audrey Kirby 18-8; Elizabeth Gooding’s strong rink demolished Flo Eager 34-5.

Royal Tunbridge Wells came with a mixed team but lost 129-108: Mike Good had a close match with Tony Goodwin, 19-17; Peter Flint could only win 6 ends against Mick Butcher, 10-23; Tony Plater, captain for the day, had a somewhat strange match being 3-19 down but drawing with Ron Lambert, 19-19; Wendy Botfield, Ladies captain, was ahead all the way to defeat Lesley Harris, 24-15; David Horsburgh’s match with John White was close but scoring 11 in the last three ends gave White the game, 25-26; on the other hand Carol Small scored 18 in the last five ends to overcome Brian Hopper, 32-8.

Having been consigned to the Denny Plate, Wealden men began their campaign strongly winning 75-45: for the two home games Adrian Wainwright’s rink performed well winning 22-9; Tony Plater performed equally well, 22-10; away, Peter Carter had a good win, 18-11 but Alex Parsons was just edged out, 13-15.

31st October

A lot has happened so, to be brief:

The SCIBA League season has started splendidly for Wealden: a 10-1, 149-80 win over Denton Island with Adrian Wainwright’s men starring with 33-9; then, a 9-2, 122-76 overcoming of Langney with Tony Plater’s men doing the business 38-11.

We faltered in the closest of matches in the Denny Cup against King Alfred with the match finishing all square, 2-2 and 65-65 but with King Alfred taking the extra end.

The ladies also started well beating Langney 9-2 and 97-74 the ever reliable Jan Noyes’s ladies won 27-8.
In friendly matches the ladies went to Grattons winning 5 rinks with one draw and 122-76; at home they defeated Langney 3 rinks to 2 and 97-74.

When the Mid Sussex Bowls League came, for the very last time, Wealden took 5 rinks to 1 and 143-96.

26th October

Last season Wealden kept losing matches in the last throes but so far this season . . . The Banks BA came to give us a fascinating match: after five ends Wealden trailed 26-32; after ten it was 53-66; when five rinks had finished the score was 120-123 with just Dave Horsburgh to finish his game against Mike Good.  He scored a 4 & a 2, much thanks to the accuracy of number three Hazel Burr so Wealden won 126-123.
In the SCIBA League match against Denton Wealden won quite comprehensively on 5 rinks with one tight game, Peter Carter losing to Mike Wood.  Overall it was 149 to 80.

A mixed team visited Mote Park playing 8 triples but losing 7; Peter Daly had a good win, 28-11.
The game against the Bradwell touring side was definitely of two halves: Wealden trailed from the off, 19-38 after five ends and 50-73 after ten.  President Dorothy Glasby’s rink was always in charge, on rge other hand Jim Wakefield’s struggled all the way, Geoff Nelson came back in the middle but went down just 18-23, Derek Heather took charge with a 6 and a 4 late on, Norman Dobson had a close game but a five clinched his win, Maureen Spyers was down 0-11 before she scored so achieved a brilliant win 24-21.  We ended winning 131-120.

Finally Grattons were thoroughly beaten, five rinks to one and 122-76.  So, all in all, a good start to the season.

20th October

WIBC has started the new season with some good victories - in three of which it scored 123 shots.  The first was the expected win against the sister outdoor club five triples to one: 123-85.

The ladies beat Horsham sharing rinks 3-3 but winning by 123-104.

The match against Egeerton Park was much more closely fought with two draws, Derek Heather against Ray Batsford and John Lewis against Barry Austin; one loss, Vivien Crowther to Mick Burton; and three wins, David Horsburgh over Terry Prior, Tony Plater over Pauline Forrester and Peter Flint over Sharon Forward to end 113-110.

Against Worthing there was one loss, Joan Howson to Paul Webster; a draw, Janet Birch with Peter Fulcher; two wins by a single shot, Margaret Smith over Willy Davies and Wendy Botfield over Carol Goodall; and two good wins, Jan Noyes over Garry Robinson and Elizabeth Gooding over Ellie McRae: 123-111