The following match reports are prepared by Peter Gacsall.

May I take this opportunity on behalf of the members and directors of the Wealden Bowls Centre to thank Peter Gacsell for his reports over the year. Website Editor

23rd April

The Wealden Finals took place over the weekend, with warm summer temperatures outside and over hot summer temperatures inside.  All matches were played in a fine spirit and many were closely fought.  For all it is a splendid achievement to reach the finals and it is always gratifying to see new names, of which there are several, on the honours boards.

Men’s Singles: Andrew Taylor 21 v 19 Adrian Wainwright
Ladies’ Singles: Joan Howson 21 v 9 Di Wilson
Men’s Pairs: Jason Walter/Tony Szylka 20 v 11 Malcolm Goman/John Osmond
Mixed Pairs: Sue Taylor/Adrian Wainwright 21 v 20 Jan Noyes/Peter Colbourne
Ladies’ Triples: Janet Birch/Elizabeth Gooding/Barbara Hooker 21 v 10
Vivien Crowther/Susan Lewis/Corinne Urben
Married Pairs: Geoff & Cindy Edler 21 v 14 Bob & Jackie Smith
Singles Plate: Ken Long 2 sets v 0 sets David Lewis
Mixed Fours: Jim Wakefield/Joan Howson/Shirley Nelson/Geoff Nelson 26 v 25
Adrian Wainwright/Richard Monk/Sue Taylor/Sue Morris
Men’s Triples: Guy Thornely/Patrick Urben/Andy Clews 19 v 3 Bill Hooker/David Meadows/Cyril Woolgar
Drawn Triples: Sue Wheeler/Pat Wolstenholme/Chris Mills 20 v 13
John Harriyott/John Lander/Marcus Adams
Ladies’ Pairs: Sue Morris/Sue Taylor 22 v 13 Gloria Dowding/Sue Wheeler
Ladies’ Fours: Shirley Nelson/Babs Hooker/Elizabeth Gooding/Joan Howson 23 v 17
Rosemary Richmond/Jill Saunders/Pam Johns/Margaret Smith
Men’s Fours: Adrian Wainwright/Guy Thornley/Patrick Urben/Mel Woodhams 18 v 9
Steve Perris/Peter Carter/Andrew Taylor/Jason Walter
Backbone: Angela Jenkins/Ian Smith 101 v 89 Gloria Dowding/David Jones
Drawn Fours: Sue Morris/Steve Minter/Roger Emmerson/Jackie Pelling 23 v 7
John Wolstenholme/Peter Page/John Lander/Keith Savell
Football: Aston Villa: Andy Corben, Jennie Morton & Andy Clews 2 goals +2 ‘penalties’ v Chelsea:
Jason Walter, Alan Bradley, Tony Szylka + Steve Perris (sub) 2 goals
Monday Night Mixed Triples: Sally Butler, Mel Woodhams & Andy Clews 23 v 13
Sue Taylor, Adrian Wainwright & Richard Monk

Singles Champions, Andrew Taylor and Joan Howson, with their trophies

16th April

First, all of us at Wealden offer our congratulations to Jason Walter who is the county Under 25 champion and the county Unbadged champion – ever so well done him.

This week makes me realise how true the old bowls aphorisms: matches are won at the front end; and, in bowls, you need three things: length, line and, most importantly, luck.

The East Sussex Nomads – golfers, most of whom also bowl, and whose skips all play for Wealden – came to be defeated on five rinks, 123-82.  Peter Gacsall managed to lose to Mike Marshall, having led 9-4, ending 14-19; ten in the last three ends got Maureen Spyers over the line against Mike St. Jean, 25-20; Peter Mennis disposed of Jeff Elmer 25-6; Valerie Menniss led Tony Szylka throughout, 20-14; Vivien Crowther always led Richard Flower, 17-11; Irene Scoble kept Chris Thomas at bay to finish 22-12.

Hurstpierpoint came next and drew in rinks but Wealden won 127-105: John Osmond produced a good winning performance, 27-16; Valerie Menniss was similarly successful, 23-13; Peter Menniss put in a strong performance, 28-13; Malcolm Goman came back from 10-17 to lose by just 16-18; Vivien Crowther’s match was a close struggle leading 7-2 then 16-10 but she lost the final five ends 0–13, 22-26; last, and least, Peter Gacsall, on an outside rink again, was leading 7-4 at tea – why do we stop for tea? - but only scored three more times, 11-19.

8th April

Wealden’s SCIBA league team have accepted the inevitable return to the second division with another well played game ending in dissapointment.  Near the end of the match at Grattons three of the rinks were leading but it ended 1-10 and 90-152.  The only winning rink was the one skipped by
Richard Monk.  That is, I feel, sufficient detail; roll on next season.

Happier times in the friendly against Hailsham: Maureen Spyers was unstoppable, 28-7; Dorothy Glasby, in the last throes of her presidency, was almost as strong, 21-9; Peter Menniss ditto, 29-9; Vivien Crowther 31-12; Val Menniss 31-9; David Wells played the only relatively close match, 22-17.

On the other hand the visit to the Victory club at Portsmouth resulted in the usual drubbing, 82-149: Andy Corben scored steadily, just not steadily enough, 12-26; a five at the end pushed Vivien Crowther closer to respectability, 16-23; Peter Flint was the only winner, having been 2-8 down early on, 22-15; Peter Menniss did lead briefly, 14-28; Alex Parsons only took five ends, 10-31; as did Valerie Menniss, 8-26.

The ladies rather brushed Sutton aside, 142-93: Elizabeth Gooding was struggling at 8-21 but had a brilliant final four ends to get to 19-21; Janet Birch led throughout 29-13; Val Menniss played quite a close game, 22-15; Wendy Botfield equally, 25-16; Maureen Spyers was good again, 25-13; and Joan Howson, 22-15.

Sutton and District on the other hand was a tougher prospect, 100-111: David Horsburgh led early on but came out on the wrong side, 19-27; Peter Flint went down on this occasion, 17-26; Vivien Crowther was grateful for a seven on the first end, 26-19; Peter Menniss was down 0-5 but then took control, 29-12; David Keetley could only win six ends, 9-27.

26th March

We’ll start with a disappointing weekend for the gentlemen’s SCIBA team; Grattons, 2-9; Worthing Pavilion, 0-11.  See you all in Division 2 next season; enough said.  Passing swiftly on:

The ladies’ SCWIBA team fared rather better beating Langney 91-62. all games were close: Wendy Botfield, having been behind briefly, won 16-11; Elizabeth Gooding led throughout, 14-12; Val Menniss by 18-10; Margaret Winton a little more emphatically, 21-13; and Joan Howson, 22-16.

In the friendly at Langney Wealden lost narrowly, 96-117: having been down 8-14 Alex Parsons went down just 14-15; Hazel Burr struggled, 6-29; Adrian Wainwright, Mr. Reliable, won 26-11; Val Menniss secured a draw, 15-15; Peter Menniss went from 2-10 to 9-10 but lost 13-23; Robert May played a good close game 22-26.

Visitors from Luton did not really challenge, 148-69.  Groombridge were slightly better, 138-75.

On the other hand Uckfield, fielding quite a few of Wealden’s best players, had the temerity to win, 84-117: Terry Pickering, relatively new to skipping, had success against Paul McClellan, 18-16; Maurice Brazier beat the experienced Peter Daly, 16-8; Vivien Crowther, atypically, conceded to Roger Gorringe, 14-22; Dorothy Glasby, pugnacious as ever, was beaten by David Bissett, 12-26; David Horsburgh managed a win over Hazel Burr, 15-13; Maureen Spyers lost to the very consistent Tony Szylka, 9-32.

Buxted Park were dealt with quite comprehensively 131-96.

A ladies team did well to overcome Worthing away decisively, 120-68.

Wey Valley came and won by the narrowest margin, 109-112: Ivan Atkinson went from 16-8 to 18-15; David Horsburgh went down 11-18; Peter Flint by 15-24; Mike Simmonds scored ten in six ends to end
19-15; Vivien Crowther started slowly, 0-10, to finish on 17-24; Maureen Spyers, top rink and the last to finish, needed five on the last end to win the match for Wealden but her opponent snuck in with a second wood, 29-16.

11th March

Wealden managed a good win against the Sussex County Past Presidents, 118-96: Richard Monk scored consistently to beat Tony Sharman 25-13; Peter Flint, after the first end, was always behind Ken McVeigh, 14-22; Frank Phillips came out ahead in a closer game with Ross Clifton, 22-17; Peter Menniss only conceded four ends beating Gordon Leaman 29-6; John Osmond only won seven ends against Allan Hilton, 10-28; David Driver overcame our very own Malcolm Goman in a close game,18-12.

In a tight match Wealden ladies came second to Adur by 90-95: Wendy Botfield led throughout until end eighteen, 15-14, but lost 16-17; a five and two fours helped Jan Noyes over the line, 29-20; Janet Birch had something of a resurgence from 5-14 to lose just 12-16; Elizabeth Gooding led 16-8 but only hung on for 17-15; Margaret Winton led early on but went down 16-27.

We were glad to see the Sussex Under 25s come and win 60-95 – we do our best to encourage youth: John Harriyott’s rink had early success but faded quickly, 10-32; Jim Wakefield could not win quite enough ends, 17- 25; Peter Menniss got stuck on four for seven ends but five on the last two ends got him to a more respectable 15-23; Andrew Taylor was the only inhospitable host winning 18-15 having led 9-2 and 15-6.

The Loose Tourists came but were not a match, Wealden prevailing by 94-56: Richard Monk  scored ten in four ends to win 24-14; May Urben made a 3, 4, and 5 but could only win seven ends, 17-20;
Peter Menniss only lost seven ends to win 22-10; Jim Wakefield scored a six and two fours on his way to 31-12.

In the County League the ladies beat Falaise by 100-82: Valerie Menniss was down 9-10 but had a strong second half, 26-15; Janet Birch came from 10-19 to draw 19-19; Joan Howson mainly scored only singles, 10-17; Wendy Botfield hung on to a slender lead throughout, 19-17; Jan Noyes won the middle of the game 18-2 to win 26-14.

The visiting Solihull Strollers edged a close game 80-93: two fives and a six helped Frank Phillips to 27-14; Norman Dobson led 9-2 and stayed ahead for 20-14; Peter Flint could not do enough to recover from a slow start, 1-11, to lose 13-21; Peter Menniss only managed six ends going down 12-21; as did David Driver, winning the first three ends but only three more 8-23.

19th February

The Newick side that came to play Wealden included many familiar faces but the home side prevailed
129-107.  Peter Gacsall’s rink took on Robert May’s.  Robert May started well, 0-4 but five ends later it was 10-4.  It was all close until 15-17 when the clinical removal of Newick’s shot wood gave Wealden a six, 23-18; Vivien Crowther took on the redoubtable John Baker.  She led 9-2 which became 10-8 and a close game ended 16-17; captain Peter Menniss took on Wealden’s very own author, Peter Carter and, although down 6-9 a good second half secured the win, 23-17; David Carden faced the evergreen Maurice Awcock who led 2-10 and, despite some catching up, Carden went down 15-19; Dorothy Glasby led Margaret Smith all the way, 27-15; Maureen Spyers went into a 17-2 then 22-5 lead but only scored once more, 25-21.

Denton Island got the better of Wealden in a strangely curtailed match, 107-131: David Wells only won seven ends, 8-19; Maureen Spyers only managed six ends, 11-22; although Peter Menniss only won five ends they were all multiple scores, 17-39; Valerie Menniss had a strong last third, 26-11; Dorothy Glasby opened with a six then scored steadily, 35-14; Frank Phillps got stuck on 8 for eight ends, 10-24.

The Mid Downs Tourists also brought a number of familiar faces but Wealden overcame them, 157-97: Peter Flint led 10-5 but drew with Colin Buroughs, 19-19; John Wolstenholme  had a good win over
Vera Stevens, 21-9; two fives and a hot shot took Peter Menniss over the line against Margaret Smith,
36-21; despite dropping four on the last two ends Hazel Burr won 32-13; Valerie Menniss won a close game with the experienced Geoff Nelson, 20-19; Vivien Crowther scored a five and a six against Maureen Spyers, 29-16.

In the SWIBA League match Wealden lost to Egerton Park 69-84: Janet Birch led 11-6 but only won 13-12; Joan Howson came from 5-10 down to win 17-15; Elizabeth Gooding had the best win, 19-11;
Vera Stevens struggled all through, 9-22; as did Margaret Smith, 11-23.

12th February

The Cambridge Tourists came to give Wealden a close game, 96-87: Alan Bradley was stuck on seven for seven ends having led 7-3, to finish 9-15: Jim Wakefield had a solid win, 20-8; Peter Mennis kept his lead throughout, 21-15; Norman Dobson had a good win in a low scoring game, 15-9; John Wolstenholm, relatively new to skipping, lost 15-20; Valerie Menniss led to end 12 but a five and four late on gave her opponent the victory, 16-20.

Against Arun Wealden were edged out, 111-133: Joan Howson had a good win, 28-21; despite scoring four on the last end Maureen Spyers was pipped to 15-17; Wendy Botfield had a torrid time, 11-34;
Elizabeth Gooding was down until a six on end 16 gave her the lead, 20-17; Vera Stevens, after leading had a poor second half, 13-27; Valerie Menniss led throughout, 24-17.

London Civil Service came and won, 93-99: Mike Simmons trailed 1-14 half way so 14-21 was a bit of a comeback; Ken Long could not score heavily enough, 14-21; Hazel Burr had a good win in a close game, 24-22; Frank Phillips was close and led 17-11 until conceding ten in five ends, 18-21; Peter Menniss secured a good win, 23-14.

Outdoor clubs usually struggle indoors, and Rotherfield did, 147-71: Peter Daly dominated from the beginning, 41-8; Andrew Taylor only lost six ends, 19-9; Alan Bradley won the first five ends for 13-0 to win 23-10; Vivien Crowther powered her way to 30-8; May Urben only won three ends, 4-29; Anne Daly only lost four ends, 30-7.

On the same day, two matches in one day is always a stretch, a team went to Egham but were swept away 90-166: Valerie Menniss lost a close game, 14-21; Wendy Botfield did not score until 4-26 to go down
11-40; Peter Menniss was a winner again, 23-16; Alex Parsons could not get going until the last six ends, 13-31; Peter Flint only took five ends, 11-30; Malcolm Goman scored steadily in a close game, 18-25.

5th February

The county League match at Adur was a thorough disappointment, especially given Wealden has never beaten them; Wealden led virtually the whole game but three rinks dropped twelve shots on the very last end to lose 119-122.  Peter Carter was down 4-12 so did well to come back for 15-17; captain, Peter Menniss, led throughout, 16-4 halfway, to finish 22-19; Andrew Taylor led 11-7 but got stuck for six ends to go down 18-21; four fours kept Mel Woodhams well ahead, 30-13; Andy Clews led 21-12 but dropped nine in the last five ends, 22-21; Alex Parsons only scored sporadically, 12-31.

The ladies had a close game against Grattons, 97-102: Wendy Botfield managed 10-5 halfway but only won by a single shot, 13-12; Jan Noyes kept her nose in front from 7-1, 16-12; Elizabeth Gooding dropped three fives to 14-30; Val Mennis was behind 3-13 so did well to end 15-17; Vera Stevens maintained a narrow lead for 19-16; Margaret Winton got stuck on 15 but hung on, 16-15.

At Eastbourne only one rink was won: Frank Phillips was the winner, 22-16; Veda Coleman struggled from the beginning, 7-25; Val Menniss secured a draw, 22-22; Peter Mennis got ahead, 12-8, but stuck there for seven ends, 20-24; Robert May kept in contention in the first half, 10-13, but only scored four more, 14-31; Hazel Burr, down 4-18, had something of a resurgence to 12-23.

The trip to Portsmouth’s Victory club was the usual struggle: Andrew Taylor was the star, 23-14; May Urben was 0-11 and never caught up, 10-24; Vivien Crowther got stuck on 10, having been 9-10, for seven ends, 14-19; Wendy Botfield conceded three fours to lose 14-26; Frank Phillips was in charge at 10-6 but the lead was chipped away to 15-15 to end 17-22; Jeff Elmer scored a four & five but it was not enough, 18-28.

30th January

In a home and away match for the Mason Trophy Wealden ladies maintained their good form against Denton Island winning on both rinks, 37-19.  At home Wendy Botfield led all the way with a particularly strong second half, 24-7; away, Margaret Winton was behind until half way, 5-9, but then won five of the last seven ends for 13-12.

In the SCWIBA league the ladies beat Eastbourne 93-74 winning four of the five rinks: Janet Birch led 7-3 but only won three more ends, 10-26; Margaret Winton trailed 4-6 but a five took her into the lead to win 20-12; Margaret Smith led throughout, 22-9; as did Joan Howson, 20-9; on Jan Noyes’s rink the lead changed but having taken the lead at 17-14 she held on for 20-18.

Egerton Park were just too strong for Wealden who lost five of the six rinks, 86-133: Steve Perris did not score for four ends but a six helped hugely and he kept up well in a close match, 17-21;  Peter Flint led 9-5, drew at 12-12 but a four at the end meant a narrow defeat, 13-18; the captain, Peter Menniss, produced a strong performance to win 22-13; Tony Szylka only scored two in the second half, 9-22; Vivien Crowther could not win enough ends, 12-33; as was the case with David Wells, 13-26.

Wealden led Whiteknights most of the way but a poor last quarter resulted in going down 105-123: Mick Fraser had a splendid skipping game against Wealden’s Tony Plater who, despite a six early on, only scored sporadically, 16-22; Peter Mennis led 21-6 at end fifteen but won by only 21-13; Veda Coleman led 12-6 and 16 -10 but lost 19-30; Vivien Crowther led 15-6 but let Geoff Mottram back to win only 19-16;
Ken Long had a fine win, 23-13; Mike Simmons struggled from the beginning, 7-29.

In the league match at Adur Wealden led, apart from a brief moment, all the way but managed to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory dropping shots in the very last four ends of the match to lose 118-122.

22nd January

On the day Sutton came to Wealden (see the last report) a Wealden team went to Falaise, always an interesting occasion, to lose a close match 113-127.  Peter Menniss kept up, 14-16 to end 16-28;
Malcolm Goman actually led 4-3 but 16 in six ends did him to end 10-29; Peter Flint led 16-6 but managed to lose 18-25; Tony Szylka (pronounce that if you can) suffered a blip in the last few ends, 14-20;
Mike St Jean was down 5-13 but a spectacular second half took him to 22-14; Adrian Wainwright was, as so often, the star, winning 33-11.

The ladies kept up their good progress in the Sussex League with a 93-74 win against Eastbourne.
Janet Birch, after leading 7-3 lost 11-26; Margaret Winton kept her nose ahead  throughout for 20-12; Margaret Smith kept scoring steadily to win 22-8; as did Joan Howson, 20-9; Jan Noyes got to 10-6 but got stuck for five ends and came back well, 20-18.

Wealden’s men do have a history of throwing games in the last few ends.  At Preston the match was always close and Wealden led after fifteen ends 81-73 so a final score of 101-123 was disappointing.
Andrew Taylor’s rink kept control for 20-11; Tony Plater at one time led 9-3 but lost 1-18 in the last eight ends contriving to go down 11-29; Andy Clews led 11-10 but lost 15-20; Tony Syzlka kept abreast for a long time but finished 12-25; Peter Carter only managed a two and eight singles to lose 10-22; Alex Parsons’s men were the stars with a fine win, 33-16.

In the return match four days later the scores were reversed – details next week.

18th January

The New Year started with a good win against the Insurance Bowling Association – despite some of their players being amongst Wealden’s best.  It was three rinks all but 132-106 in shots.  Vivien Crowther went down against David Meadows, 12-24, only winning six ends; Alan Bradley, usually a banker for Wealden, lost 14-21 to a steadily scoring Chris Long; Peter Flint could only win seven ends against one of Wealden’s best, Malcolm Goman, 13-21; sixteen shots in the first six ends gave Jennie Sandford too good a platform for Jeff Elmer, another Wealden skip, to recover, 27-15; Richard Flower, a stalwart, beat Charlie Scott 27-16; Peter Daly swept aside Derek Webb 39-9.

In a close game Wealden’s ladies went down to Adur 93-103: Wendy Botfield never led but stayed close to L Mardell, 17-19; In another close game Valerie Menniss came out ahead of P Sedgwick, 20-16; Joan Howson got stuck on 4 for ten ends against J Holden, 13-26; in her match Jan Noyes dropped six shots towards the end to allow S Godfrey the win, 22-23; Margaret Smith led all the way in another close tussle with L Gray, 21-19.

The visiting Sussex Annual Patrons were just too strong; the captain, that wily old campaigner Peter Menniss, won 26-9 but for the rest: Ken long lost 11-28; Jim Wakefield came close, 18-21; Andrew Taylor, 10-29; Mike St. Jean 10-37; Mike Marshal 10-25.

Wealden got back to winning ways against Ashford: Ivan Atkinson had a torrid time, 9-33; David Wells conceded just seven ends, 33-12; Peter Menniss got stuck on 17 for six ends but hung in there, 17-16; Vivien Crowther was pipped to the post, 18-20; Veda Coleman had a good win, 27-13; as did Maureen Spyers, 25-19.

Sutton, of the famous blue carpet, coped with our green one all too well, 93-143: Peter Daly was behind for much of the game but a good final third gave him the win, 17-15; Dave Bissett struggled against a strong rink, 9-45; a six and a four late on helped John Baker to succeed 25-15; Peter Gacsall’s men took enough of the crucial moments for 24-8; Alan Bradley led for seven ends but only scored three times thereafter, 9-29; Richard Flower was under the cosh in his game, 9-31.

19th December

Middlesex came to play Sussex at Wealden.  Sussex came out ahead.  Malcom Goman’s rink played splendidly as a team to win 35-6; Terry Honnor led 14-10 and stayed ahead for 22-21; Gordon Leaman’s rink led 17-9 but went off the boil somewhat in the second half, 19-22; Ralph Steele was behind briefly but then kept control, 23-17; Mike Taylor was the other unsuccessful skip, 18-24.

At Royal Tunbridge Wells Wealden lost 108-122: Alex Parsons went from 5-10 down to 10-10 but was pipped at the end, 16-18; Hazel Burr just did not win enough ends, 11-26; Gary Styles led 7-2 but this became 7-17 to end 20-22; Malcolm Goman had his usual good game, 22-17; Valerie Menniss always led, got to 15-15 but edged ahead, 21-18; Peter Flint led briefly but went down 18-21.

Against Worthing Wealden were nudged out again: Peter Gacsall led early on but a poor session after tea – who needs to stop for tea I hear you ask – ended 13-22; Peter Colbourne, as youthful as ever, led his chaps to 15-6 but that spoiler, the tea interval, was telling, 18-17;  Dorothy Glasby, the captain, did not load her rink enough, 13-28; Alan Bradley maintained his stats for 27-19; John Baker had a close tussle finishing 19-22; Peter Wehrle had a torrid time of it, 11-33.

A draw was achieved at WhiteKnights (Reading), 3-3 in rinks.  Peter Menniss, unable to compete against the opposing Captain's team, lost 9-32; Tony Szylka could not do quite enough, 15-21; Malcolm Goman’s rink again came out on top, 28-13; Vivien Crowther had an unaccustomed loss, 8-27; Valerie Menniss led 12-7 but only just managed to stay ahead, 20-19; Alan Bradley was well behind but came back strongly for

11th December

The Wealden ladies resumed their winning ways in the league match against Falaise winning on all rinks, 122-53.  Janet Birch by 22-12; Joan Howson 19-13; Sue Walter 19-11; Elizabeth Gooding 22-11; and
Jan Noyes 40-6.

There was a very close match against Eastbourne, 100-101.  Alan Bradley got stronger and stronger as the game progressed, 27-5; Ken Long won the last two ends but went down 13-22; Mike Simmonds’s rink swapped the lead a few times but lost the last five ends, 17-24; Wendy Botfield won just one of the last eight ends, 10-21; at tea Chris Searle was drawing 6-6 but won 24-6; Peter Flint did not score until end ten and lost 9-23.

A useful win was accomplished against West Hoathley, 115-94.  Again Mike Simmonds swapped the lead but came out ahead, 20-17; Peter Daly won nine ends on the trot for 21-9; a four gave Peter Menniss the lead in end three, then led until end nineteen, 15-14 but dropped a four to lose 17-18; Jeff Elmer led all the way, 20-11; Alan Bradley led 17-5 but only just managed to hang on for 21-18; Dave Driver never quite got into contention, 16-21.

Only one rink won against the powerful SCB Executive, 104-117.  Andy Clews trailed Phil Hillsden throughout, 9-22; in a close game Mike St. Jean led Tony Sharman briefly but went down 17-19;
Tony Plater was behind 6-14 so did well to lose narrowly to Chris Reynolds, 18-19; Richard Monk did not manage quite to catch Don Kent, 20-23; Peter Menniss kept his nose ahead of Gordon Leaman to win
22-14; Jim Wakefield led Ros Clifton 9-5, dropped a four, 9-9, went ahead 14-11, drew 15-15 but lost the last four ends, 18-20.

Spreading their forces rather thinly an away team on the same day Wealden was defeated by Royal Tunbridge Wells 108-122.  The winners were Valerie Menniss, 21-18 and Malcolm Goman, 22-17.
Crowborough Wolfe were defeated on all rinks, 154-88.

Against Worthing Wealden led 65-60 at tea but “Everything changes after tea” is an adage that became horribly true with Wealden ending up with just two winning rinks: the youthful Peter Colbourne, having been 15-6 ahead won 18-17; and Alan Bradley, 27-19.

4th December

Wealden Ladies’ fine start to the season stuttered somewhat when, despite winning three rinks to two, went down 85-91 to Egerton Park.  Jan Noyes was always ahead winning 25-12; Sue Walter won just two ends, losing 5-38; Margaret Smith, always behind, succumbed 11-21; Joan Howson won handsomely, 23-8; Elizabeth Gooding did not score until end 5, drew level, went behind again  to 9-12 but won every end from thereon, 21-12.

Against Horsham the ladies lost again, 115-131: Joan Howson led throughout and, despite dropping nine in the last three ends, held on to 26-21; Elizabeth Gooding led initially, 9-2, but had a poor second half,
19-23; Vera Stevens was that little bit behind throughout, 13-20; Sue Walter was consistently outscored in her 10-25 loss; Wendy Botfield led all the way, 28-16; Jan Noyes had a close a close game, the lead changing several times, so had a good win, 19-16.

There was a good win against Hellingly, 119-93.  Dave Horsburgh kept up quite well but lost  3-12 in the last seven ends to lose 12-20; Vivien Crowther kept in touch all along but went down 15-19; Vera Stevens began with eight in two ends then stayed ahead, 26-13; G Dowding won in an unusually one-sided game, 36-1; Chris Searle led until 14-13 but did not score again, 14-21; May Urben powered into a 14-8 lead but faltered in the second half, 16-19

12th November

In the Mason Trophy Wealden ladies played Worthing Pavilion in a well fought game winning 38-27.
Jan Noyes’s team won 23–8 and Elizabeth Gooding’s lost 15–l9.  They now play Grattons in the next round.
In the Yetton Trophy Worthing were their opponents.  It was another quality game won 79-61 in which the home teams both won: Jan Noyes 25–11 and Margaret Smith 19–12.  In the away games Joan Howson lost 14–24 and Elizabeth Gooding, ever reliable, won 21–14.  Adur are their next opponents.

In the Denney Cup the men beat Preston 73-69.  At home Adrian Wainwright’s rink started slowly but ten shots scored in four ends secured the lead which was never relinquished, 24-10; Tony Plater’s chaps began 0-5 then 2-8 but clawed their way to 10-10, went behind again, but 6-1 in the last four ends took them to a creditable win 18-16.  Away Alex Parsons lost 13-21 and Peter Carter restricted a strong rink skipped by Andy Smallbridge to 18-22.

Uckfield are not the usual type of visiting outdoor club in that all but three of their players are actually indoor players – and most, under other circumstances, would have been representing Wealden.  Several of the Wealden rinks were slow to get going: John Baker’s rink were 5-18 at end thirteen but scored 10-1 in the last five ends to down by just 16-20; Alan Bradley trailed 4-14 but got back to 12-19; Robert May dropped a six and three fours on the way to 19-32; David Horsburgh, captain for the day, was 1-19 down before getting going, finishing 12-31; Vivien Crowther was a winner again, 24-16; Peter Gacsall led all the way, faltered but scoring 10 shots in the last four ends produced the win 23-14.

Wealden beat Brixton 165-100: Peter Flint led 13-7, was caught up, 14-14, eventually won 23-17;
David Driver, an enthusiast, won 35-14; Jennie Sandford produced a good result, 30-17; David Horsburgh led 7-0 but lost 19-27; Jeff Elmer was briefly behind, 5-7, scored a 5 then never looked back for 26-11; Vivien Crowther expressed her class again with 32-14.

5th November

The ladies had a very close league match against Denton Island winning on four rinks but only just winning the match 87-86: against type Jan Noyes’s strong rink went down 8-27; Sue Walter swapped the lead several times but came out ahead, 17-12; Margaret Smith led all the way to end fifteen then went behind 15-16 but took the last two ends, 18-16; Joan Howson had the strongest performance, 23-11;
Elizabeth Gooding was ahead 14-7, her opponent, C White caught up to 17-15, but Gooding secured the win 21-20.

Their successful league season continued against Langney with 96-64 winning on all rinks:
Elizabeth Gooding, having led 15-7 just held on for 16-15; Jan Noyes, 16-10; Margaret Winton, despite dropping three at the end, won 17-14; Margaret Smith, 25-12; Joan Howson, from drawing 10-10 halfway, won 22-13.

The match against The Angel, Tonbridge, did not go Wealden’s way losing five rinks and 90-129.
Valerie Butler got well behind, 5-13 but came back to 13-17; Anne Daly had a more torrid time going down 8-25; Peter Daly drew 8-8 at the halfway stage but the second half was disappointing, 12-29; Peter Flint led most of the way, faltered to 15-17 but won 20-18; Robert May, down 4-14 at eleven ends recovered somewhat to 16-20; John Osmond, not a regular skip, from 2-8 down turned things around to victory,

Against Royal Tunbridge Wells Wealden won five rinks and by 147-80: captain Andy Corben led 17-1 and won 31-11; Steve Perris scored steadily to win 22-9; Tony Plater led all the way to 27-14; as did Ken Long, 25-13; an early score of 5 put Peter Gacsall ahead where his rink stayed to finish 22-11; Peter Flint’s rink must have tired as, having led 13-6, only won three ends in the second half, 20-22.

29th October

Wealden ladies started their county league season with a good win against Eastbourne, 3½ rinks to 1½ and 9½ points to 1½.   Then in the second match they beat Langney winning all five rinks so won 11-0 in points.

The gentlemen also beat Langney despite losing on three rinks, both at home and one away, only
Alex Parsons’s chaps won but by such a margin, 30-7, as to give us a win overall.

In friendlies the Banks BA were dispatched 161-79: Richard Monk, despite dropping a five on the last end, won 25-12; Norman, the ever solid, Dobson restricted the opposition almost entirely to singles, 20-12; David Bissett lost to a strong rink 12-24; Andrew Taylor was unstoppable, 37-8; the captain, Peter Mennis, was even more dominant, 42-6; Steve Perris prevailed 25-17.

The ladies were gratified to beat Grattons 143-98: Margaret Winton led 10-4, was passed 16-17 but won 20-18; Jan Noyes, down 9-15 engineered a win 22-18; Janet Birch was merciless, 30-12; Joan Howson, uncharacteristically, went down 14-18; Maureen Spyers did well to win 24-19; Sue Walter, ever dependable, carried the day 25-13.

In yet another match against Langney a win was secured 123-92: Peter Gacsall struggled against
Steve Carter who was (not literally) on fire, 17-19; Alan Bradley, down 11-1 did well to recover to 15-20; John Harriyott was splendid, 28-9; Peter Mennis’s day did not go to plan, 18-25; Tony Plater lost the lead a couple of times but won 22-13; Jim Wakefield had a good win, 23-6.

23rd October

In the County League Wealden ladies beat Eastbourne 84-71 and 3½ – 1½ rinks: Joan Howson drew with Mo Spring, 19-19; Sue Walter dominated Gloria Hill 18-6; Jan Noyes edged Ann Summers 17-16;
Elizabeth Gooding only scored sporadically against Paula Bain, 12-19; Margaret Smith had a good win against Sheila Palin, 18-11.

Horsham ladies came to Wealden to inflict a defeat by four rinks to one and 88-104: Jan Noyes beat the highly experienced Ann Frecknall 26-14; Elizabeth Gooding came back from 9-19 to lose 19-21; a similar story for Janet Birch trailing M Dellard 9-20 to lose 16-22; Sue Walter got off to a poor start against
J Reynolds, 0-14, to finish 10-26; Maureen Spyers actually led but went down 17-21 to Monica Hargrave.
A mixed team travelled to Wey Valley to come away with a narrow win, 117-113: Mel Woodhams produced a dominant performance to win 37-19; a five dropped on the penultimate end meant Steve Perris lost
14-16; Mike Marshall took an early lead and held on for 25-19; the captain, Peter Menniss, never really came to terms with Harry Craig, 11-20; Alex Parsons was not his usual brilliant self going down 10-23; Peter Flint led all the way to 20-16.

Wealden secured an excellent win against a strong Egerton Park team, 139-116: Vivien Crowther, always so reliable, won 27-11; in an excellent match Mike Good led all the way but nine dropped in the last three ends produced a draw, 26-26; in an extraordinary match Peter Daly led 16-3 but dropped 20 in the last five ends to go down 16-23; Val Butler was down 11-15 but came back well to win 31-20; Peter Gacsall secured a lead but dropped five singles at the end to lose 16-19; David Horsbugh gained a seven to take the lead and held on for 23-17.