The following match reports are prepared by Peter Gacsall.

19th December

Middlesex came to play Sussex at Wealden.  Sussex came out ahead.  Malcom Goman’s rink played splendidly as a team to win 35-6; Terry Honnor led 14-10 and stayed ahead for 22-21; Gordon Leaman’s rink led 17-9 but went off the boil somewhat in the second half, 19-22; Ralph Steele was behind briefly but then kept control, 23-17; Mike Taylor was the other unsuccessful skip, 18-24.

At Royal Tunbridge Wells Wealden lost 108-122: Alex Parsons went from 5-10 down to 10-10 but was pipped at the end, 16-18; Hazel Burr just did not win enough ends, 11-26; Gary Styles led 7-2 but this became 7-17 to end 20-22; Malcolm Goman had his usual good game, 22-17; Valerie Menniss always led, got to 15-15 but edged ahead, 21-18; Peter Flint led briefly but went down 18-21.

Against Worthing Wealden were nudged out again: Peter Gacsall led early on but a poor session after tea – who needs to stop for tea I hear you ask – ended 13-22; Peter Colbourne, as youthful as ever, led his chaps to 15-6 but that spoiler, the tea interval, was telling, 18-17;  Dorothy Glasby, the captain, did not load her rink enough, 13-28; Alan Bradley maintained his stats for 27-19; John Baker had a close tussle finishing 19-22; Peter Wehrle had a torrid time of it, 11-33.

A draw was achieved at WhiteKnights (Reading), 3-3 in rinks.  Peter Menniss, unable to compete against the opposing Captain's team, lost 9-32; Tony Szylka could not do quite enough, 15-21; Malcolm Goman’s rink again came out on top, 28-13; Vivien Crowther had an unaccustomed loss, 8-27; Valerie Menniss led 12-7 but only just managed to stay ahead, 20-19; Alan Bradley was well behind but came back strongly for

11th December

The Wealden ladies resumed their winning ways in the league match against Falaise winning on all rinks, 122-53.  Janet Birch by 22-12; Joan Howson 19-13; Sue Walter 19-11; Elizabeth Gooding 22-11; and
Jan Noyes 40-6.

There was a very close match against Eastbourne, 100-101.  Alan Bradley got stronger and stronger as the game progressed, 27-5; Ken Long won the last two ends but went down 13-22; Mike Simmonds’s rink swapped the lead a few times but lost the last five ends, 17-24; Wendy Botfield won just one of the last eight ends, 10-21; at tea Chris Searle was drawing 6-6 but won 24-6; Peter Flint did not score until end ten and lost 9-23.

A useful win was accomplished against West Hoathley, 115-94.  Again Mike Simmonds swapped the lead but came out ahead, 20-17; Peter Daly won nine ends on the trot for 21-9; a four gave Peter Menniss the lead in end three, then led until end nineteen, 15-14 but dropped a four to lose 17-18; Jeff Elmer led all the way, 20-11; Alan Bradley led 17-5 but only just managed to hang on for 21-18; Dave Driver never quite got into contention, 16-21.

Only one rink won against the powerful SCB Executive, 104-117.  Andy Clews trailed Phil Hillsden throughout, 9-22; in a close game Mike St. Jean led Tony Sharman briefly but went down 17-19;
Tony Plater was behind 6-14 so did well to lose narrowly to Chris Reynolds, 18-19; Richard Monk did not manage quite to catch Don Kent, 20-23; Peter Menniss kept his nose ahead of Gordon Leaman to win
22-14; Jim Wakefield led Ros Clifton 9-5, dropped a four, 9-9, went ahead 14-11, drew 15-15 but lost the last four ends, 18-20.

Spreading their forces rather thinly an away team on the same day Wealden was defeated by Royal Tunbridge Wells 108-122.  The winners were Valerie Menniss, 21-18 and Malcolm Goman, 22-17.
Crowborough Wolfe were defeated on all rinks, 154-88.

Against Worthing Wealden led 65-60 at tea but “Everything changes after tea” is an adage that became horribly true with Wealden ending up with just two winning rinks: the youthful Peter Colbourne, having been 15-6 ahead won 18-17; and Alan Bradley, 27-19.

4th December

Wealden Ladies’ fine start to the season stuttered somewhat when, despite winning three rinks to two, went down 85-91 to Egerton Park.  Jan Noyes was always ahead winning 25-12; Sue Walter won just two ends, losing 5-38; Margaret Smith, always behind, succumbed 11-21; Joan Howson won handsomely, 23-8; Elizabeth Gooding did not score until end 5, drew level, went behind again  to 9-12 but won every end from thereon, 21-12.

Against Horsham the ladies lost again, 115-131: Joan Howson led throughout and, despite dropping nine in the last three ends, held on to 26-21; Elizabeth Gooding led initially, 9-2, but had a poor second half,
19-23; Vera Stevens was that little bit behind throughout, 13-20; Sue Walter was consistently outscored in her 10-25 loss; Wendy Botfield led all the way, 28-16; Jan Noyes had a close a close game, the lead changing several times, so had a good win, 19-16.

There was a good win against Hellingly, 119-93.  Dave Horsburgh kept up quite well but lost  3-12 in the last seven ends to lose 12-20; Vivien Crowther kept in touch all along but went down 15-19; Vera Stevens began with eight in two ends then stayed ahead, 26-13; G Dowding won in an unusually one-sided game, 36-1; Chris Searle led until 14-13 but did not score again, 14-21; May Urben powered into a 14-8 lead but faltered in the second half, 16-19

12th November

In the Mason Trophy Wealden ladies played Worthing Pavilion in a well fought game winning 38-27.
Jan Noyes’s team won 23–8 and Elizabeth Gooding’s lost 15–l9.  They now play Grattons in the next round.
In the Yetton Trophy Worthing were their opponents.  It was another quality game won 79-61 in which the home teams both won: Jan Noyes 25–11 and Margaret Smith 19–12.  In the away games Joan Howson lost 14–24 and Elizabeth Gooding, ever reliable, won 21–14.  Adur are their next opponents.

In the Denney Cup the men beat Preston 73-69.  At home Adrian Wainwright’s rink started slowly but ten shots scored in four ends secured the lead which was never relinquished, 24-10; Tony Plater’s chaps began 0-5 then 2-8 but clawed their way to 10-10, went behind again, but 6-1 in the last four ends took them to a creditable win 18-16.  Away Alex Parsons lost 13-21 and Peter Carter restricted a strong rink skipped by Andy Smallbridge to 18-22.

Uckfield are not the usual type of visiting outdoor club in that all but three of their players are actually indoor players – and most, under other circumstances, would have been representing Wealden.  Several of the Wealden rinks were slow to get going: John Baker’s rink were 5-18 at end thirteen but scored 10-1 in the last five ends to down by just 16-20; Alan Bradley trailed 4-14 but got back to 12-19; Robert May dropped a six and three fours on the way to 19-32; David Horsburgh, captain for the day, was 1-19 down before getting going, finishing 12-31; Vivien Crowther was a winner again, 24-16; Peter Gacsall led all the way, faltered but scoring 10 shots in the last four ends produced the win 23-14.

Wealden beat Brixton 165-100: Peter Flint led 13-7, was caught up, 14-14, eventually won 23-17;
David Driver, an enthusiast, won 35-14; Jennie Sandford produced a good result, 30-17; David Horsburgh led 7-0 but lost 19-27; Jeff Elmer was briefly behind, 5-7, scored a 5 then never looked back for 26-11; Vivien Crowther expressed her class again with 32-14.

5th November

The ladies had a very close league match against Denton Island winning on four rinks but only just winning the match 87-86: against type Jan Noyes’s strong rink went down 8-27; Sue Walter swapped the lead several times but came out ahead, 17-12; Margaret Smith led all the way to end fifteen then went behind 15-16 but took the last two ends, 18-16; Joan Howson had the strongest performance, 23-11;
Elizabeth Gooding was ahead 14-7, her opponent, C White caught up to 17-15, but Gooding secured the win 21-20.

Their successful league season continued against Langney with 96-64 winning on all rinks:
Elizabeth Gooding, having led 15-7 just held on for 16-15; Jan Noyes, 16-10; Margaret Winton, despite dropping three at the end, won 17-14; Margaret Smith, 25-12; Joan Howson, from drawing 10-10 halfway, won 22-13.

The match against The Angel, Tonbridge, did not go Wealden’s way losing five rinks and 90-129.
Valerie Butler got well behind, 5-13 but came back to 13-17; Anne Daly had a more torrid time going down 8-25; Peter Daly drew 8-8 at the halfway stage but the second half was disappointing, 12-29; Peter Flint led most of the way, faltered to 15-17 but won 20-18; Robert May, down 4-14 at eleven ends recovered somewhat to 16-20; John Osmond, not a regular skip, from 2-8 down turned things around to victory,

Against Royal Tunbridge Wells Wealden won five rinks and by 147-80: captain Andy Corben led 17-1 and won 31-11; Steve Perris scored steadily to win 22-9; Tony Plater led all the way to 27-14; as did Ken Long, 25-13; an early score of 5 put Peter Gacsall ahead where his rink stayed to finish 22-11; Peter Flint’s rink must have tired as, having led 13-6, only won three ends in the second half, 20-22.

29th October

Wealden ladies started their county league season with a good win against Eastbourne, 3½ rinks to 1½ and 9½ points to 1½.   Then in the second match they beat Langney winning all five rinks so won 11-0 in points.

The gentlemen also beat Langney despite losing on three rinks, both at home and one away, only
Alex Parsons’s chaps won but by such a margin, 30-7, as to give us a win overall.

In friendlies the Banks BA were dispatched 161-79: Richard Monk, despite dropping a five on the last end, won 25-12; Norman, the ever solid, Dobson restricted the opposition almost entirely to singles, 20-12; David Bissett lost to a strong rink 12-24; Andrew Taylor was unstoppable, 37-8; the captain, Peter Mennis, was even more dominant, 42-6; Steve Perris prevailed 25-17.

The ladies were gratified to beat Grattons 143-98: Margaret Winton led 10-4, was passed 16-17 but won 20-18; Jan Noyes, down 9-15 engineered a win 22-18; Janet Birch was merciless, 30-12; Joan Howson, uncharacteristically, went down 14-18; Maureen Spyers did well to win 24-19; Sue Walter, ever dependable, carried the day 25-13.

In yet another match against Langney a win was secured 123-92: Peter Gacsall struggled against
Steve Carter who was (not literally) on fire, 17-19; Alan Bradley, down 11-1 did well to recover to 15-20; John Harriyott was splendid, 28-9; Peter Mennis’s day did not go to plan, 18-25; Tony Plater lost the lead a couple of times but won 22-13; Jim Wakefield had a good win, 23-6.

23rd October

In the County League Wealden ladies beat Eastbourne 84-71 and 3½ – 1½ rinks: Joan Howson drew with Mo Spring, 19-19; Sue Walter dominated Gloria Hill 18-6; Jan Noyes edged Ann Summers 17-16;
Elizabeth Gooding only scored sporadically against Paula Bain, 12-19; Margaret Smith had a good win against Sheila Palin, 18-11.

Horsham ladies came to Wealden to inflict a defeat by four rinks to one and 88-104: Jan Noyes beat the highly experienced Ann Frecknall 26-14; Elizabeth Gooding came back from 9-19 to lose 19-21; a similar story for Janet Birch trailing M Dellard 9-20 to lose 16-22; Sue Walter got off to a poor start against
J Reynolds, 0-14, to finish 10-26; Maureen Spyers actually led but went down 17-21 to Monica Hargrave.
A mixed team travelled to Wey Valley to come away with a narrow win, 117-113: Mel Woodhams produced a dominant performance to win 37-19; a five dropped on the penultimate end meant Steve Perris lost
14-16; Mike Marshall took an early lead and held on for 25-19; the captain, Peter Menniss, never really came to terms with Harry Craig, 11-20; Alex Parsons was not his usual brilliant self going down 10-23; Peter Flint led all the way to 20-16.

Wealden secured an excellent win against a strong Egerton Park team, 139-116: Vivien Crowther, always so reliable, won 27-11; in an excellent match Mike Good led all the way but nine dropped in the last three ends produced a draw, 26-26; in an extraordinary match Peter Daly led 16-3 but dropped 20 in the last five ends to go down 16-23; Val Butler was down 11-15 but came back well to win 31-20; Peter Gacsall secured a lead but dropped five singles at the end to lose 16-19; David Horsbugh gained a seven to take the lead and held on for 23-17.