See Coronavirus guidelines for present playing arrangements

As a member you have use of the Centre throughout the year and during the winter season (mid Sept to mid April) the Indoor Club(WIBC) is open 7 days a week and you can bowl in 2 hour sessions from 10.00 a.m. up to 10.00 p.m. In the summer season (April to October) you can bowl on Monday, Thursday and Friday mornings (10am-12 pm) and Wednesday evenings (7pm-9 pm).

The WIBC offers a wide range of bowls from informal roll-ups with friends to competitive matches; something to suit all skill levels. With about 600 members (350 men and 250 ladies) the Club organises a programme over the 7 days offering a full range of bowls, so whether you want to play the traditional game, or you fancy Australian pairs or prefer playing sets, we have something to offer. Additionally there are regular club sessions (Monday Club, Thursday Club and a new members league) and coaching sessions on Saturday mornings to help you to get to know and play with current members. Failing that ad-hoc bookings to suit can be made.

On joining you will be provided with an individual locker and key so you can keep your bowls and shoes safely in the Club. We also offer *temporary membership (fee deductable from subscription paid at end of 6 weeks) to anyone new to the indoor game which gives you 6 weeks with sessions accompanied by a member coach to ensure a happy introduction to all our facilities. Junior members are most welcome.


To make your visit even more enjoyable, catering and bar services are available to help you socialise before and after your game. Morning coffee, afternoon tea and luncheons are available at a very modest price.

The cost of membership from the 1st September 2020 is as follows:

Joining Fee:There is a joining fee of £30 for adults. This includes both the indoor and outdoor clubs. There is no fee for junior members(under 18).

Annual Subscription:
Full Playing Member £80 (reduced if you join mid-season), Social Member (non-playing) £10 and Junior Member (under 18) £15.00.
Temporary Membership* £20 (deductable from any subscription paid at end of 6 weeks).


The cost of rink fees from the 31st July 2017 is as follows:

Green Fees (Cash/Pre-paid tickets): A small fee is charged each time you play. Green Fee tickets cost £1.75 against £2.40 cash. Tickets are available to members from the Office or Bar. A full-sheet (16 tickets) is £28, and a half-sheet (8 tickets) £14.


Roll-ups - 2 hour session - Full member £2.40 (1 ticket). Members Guest £3.25 and Visitors £4.75 Monday/Thursday Clubs - 2hr session £2.40 (1 ticket)
Club Leagues - 4 hr. sess. £4.80 (2 tickets) or 2 hr. sess. £2.40 (1 ticket)
Club Drives - 4 hr. sess. £3.50
Club Comps - 4 hr. sess. - Singles, Pairs, Triples or Fours £4.80 (2 tickets)
Club Comps - 2 hr. sess. - Plate or Backbone £2.40 (1 ticket)
County and National Comps - 4 hr. sess. - Members £4.60 (2 tickets) Visiting opponents £3.50.
Hire of bowls – Members free, Guests £1.75, Visitors £2.25

Keep fit, have fun, stay healthy and enjoy your bowls and some good company.





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