Wealden Bowls Club

Rules for Club Competion Rules




Competitions are open to all Full Members of the Club.



Ladies' Singles

 21 Shots

Men's Singles

 21 Shots

Peter Hewett Trophy (Mixed Singles)

- Sets Play

Drawn Pairs

 18 ends.

Drawn Triples

- 18 ends.

'Ton Up' Trophy (Drawn Pairs)

 100 points



  • ALL GAMES must be played outdoors on rinks drawn with an opponent at the time of play. On Finals Day, rinks will be allocated by the Competition Secretary. (ix)
  • TIED GAMES - an extra end should be played (World Bowls Law 28).

  • DATES/TIMES - all rounds to be played on or before the set dates.
    the first named player in each draw shall be responsible for setting up the game, consulting all involved.
    - agreed details should be entered in the Club Diary.
    should a game need to be rearranged, or stopped because of bad weather, agreement should be reached on a new date for play, ensuring it is on or before the completion date for the round. 
  • MARKERS - singles games will require a Marker.
    the first named player is responsible for providing a Marker.
    - the Committee may opt to use Markers in all games on Finals Day.
    the Committee will provide appropriate written guidance for Markers. (ii)
  • TRIAL ENDS - two trial ends are allowed (one each way) using up to the maximum bowls permissible per player in the event concerned, (This also applies at the resumption of an unfinished game.)
  • SUBSTITUTES - substitutes will be allowed in exceptional circumstances and must be arranged through the Competition Secretary. - a list of substitutes will be created by the Competition Secretary, replacements to be drawn at random from that list, who, if successful, will continue to play in the competition. (iii) (x)
  • SCORECARDS - at the completion of each tie, one member of each team should check and sign the scorecard, placing it in the Completed Scorecard Box. Once submitted, the score recorded cannot be changed,
    - in semi-finals and finals, the Marker should also sign the card.
    - in the event of a 'walkover', the card must be signed by a member of the team giving the walkover.



  • each 'Peter Hewett Trophy' singles will consist of two nine end sets.
  • competitors will toss a coin for choice of mat options before the start of play.(mat options means taking the mat/jack/first bowl or passing this on to an opponent.)
  • at the start of the second set the winner of the previous set has the choice of mat options.
  • should the first set be drawn, the winner of the last scoring end in that set shall have the mat options.
  • a tied end counts as one of the nine ends of a set.
  • the winner of each set will be the player with the most shots at the end of the 9th. end OR earlier if, at any point, it becomes impossible for one player to win or draw the set.
  • if shot scores are tied after the last end of a set, the set is drawn. (1/2=1/2)
  • if the game is tied at two drawn sets or one set each, a best of three ends 'tie breaker' set will be played to determine the winner, starting with a toss of a coin to decide who has mat options.
  •  in a 'tie breaker' set the winner will be the player with the highest number of shots when the third end is completed.
  • if, at the end of the third end of the 'tie breaker' set, the scores are still level, a fourth end will be played, starting with a new toss of the coin to decide who has mat options. If necessary, further ends shall be played to achieve a result. (iv) (v) (vi) (vii)


  • the competition is for drawn pairs.
  • each player bowls two woods.
  • each end 10 points are scored by the four bowls nearest to the jack, 4 for the shot wood, then 3, 2, 1 for the next placed bowls.
  • the team gaining the shot wood takes the mat for the next end.
  • special scoreboards are provided by the club.
  • a special mat may be used to help score each end played.
  • the first team to score 100 points wins the game.
  • in the event of both teams scoring 100, an additional end will be played with the shot wood being the only bowl to score (4 points).


  • Players not progressing to the second round of the Men's and Ladies' Singles will be automatically entered into this competition. (i)

WB LAWS (latest Crystal Mark Edition) will apply to all matters not covered by these rules.


  • A bowler is not allowed to enter the singles competition of more than one club because the winners go forward to represent the club in the 'Champion of Champions' Competition the following season. Club Singles Competitions are, therefore, indirectly, County Competitions.


  • The Competition Secretary will adjudicate in ALL MATTERS relating to the conduct, play and behaviour of all competitors and will settle any issues arising that are not covered by these rules.


  • Members entering competitions should ensure that Finals Day dates are kept free in their diaries for as long as they progress in their competitions, noting that if this is no longer possible, the Competition Secretary and other team players involved should be notified immediately.
  • Our Finals Programme will be planned for one day, with those in multiple finals expected to play all their games on that day. A Reserve Day will be nominated to cover exceptional weather conditions. (viii)


WBC Committee                                      5th. January, 2004

Rules Amended (i) 16/6/04 (ii) 10/9/04 (iii)4/5/05 (iv) 20/2/06 (v) 3/5/07 (vi) 28/2/08 (vii) 18/6/09 (viii) 20/11/18 (ix) 20/11/18 (x) 20/11/18

RG 2/19