MENS SINGLES               LADIES SINGLES MIXED SINGLES (Sets)
2012 R Grigg D Peatling I Kermode
2013 D Meadows D Hamer S Jolley
2014 D Meadows D Hamer S Jolley
2015 D Meadows D Hamer T Melville
2016 T Melville I Kermode J Naylor
2017 M Jarrett Sue Wheeler S Andrews
2012 D Meadows, B Hearnden 2012 I Kermode, Len Batters
2013 R Grigg, D Hamer 2013 D Hamer, B Hearnden
2014 G King, I Martin 2014 S Wheeler, S Jolley
2015 A Corben, I Kermode 2015 L Batters, T Douglas
2016 I Scutt, G King 2016 G King, J Hedley
2017 I Smith, Les Waite 2017 R Grigg, J Naylor
  # Peter Hewitt Trophy
2012 D Parker, I Carruthers, S Syrett
2013 R Niblock, B Hearnden, S Jolley
2014  S Syrett, R Batters, G Davies
2015  M Jarrett, A Corben, D Parker
2016 G Dowding, L Waite, D Parker
2017 D Cherrington, J Greenall, Stan Syrett

Congratulations to the 2017 Season winners







Wealden Bowls Club

Club Competitions - Winners 2012-2017