All Full Members are eligible to play in the Club's Triples League. Enrolment is sought at the start of each season and additions are only made as vacancies arise. The League is currently played on Tuesday mornings (10 am).


(a) Are selected by members of the Club Committee plus other invited Club members with the aim of producing balanced teams of at least six players.

(b) Each team will be allocatted a Team Leader who will produce a schedule of play of around 14 weeks. The rotation of play for team members should be equal and fair.

(c) A programme of games and the rinks on which they will be played will be provided by the League Organiser.


(a) Games will be played over 14 ends, with a tea break after 7 ends.

(b) 'Dead Ends' should be replayed.

(c) Playing positions should be agreed between those involved on the day.

(d) The home skip is responsible for the correct completion of scorecard, to include names and scores, and should ensure that the card is signed by both skips at the end of the game. The home skip should place the completed scorecard in the box provided.

(e) All teams must do their best to provide a team of 3 players. One team may play with only 2 players, where players in both teams will each bowl 3 woods, 9 woods for the full team and 6 woods for the team with 2 members. The final score will stand. In this situation, please refer to to the Playing Guidelines sheet available in the clubhouse and shed for playing sequence.

(f) If a team cannot produce 2 players, the game must be conceded to their opponents and 2 points and a score of 10-0 will be awarded, A member from each team should sign the card with the score 10-0 recorded and the words 'game conceded' added.

(g) If both teams are unable to a team of 3 players, the game should be recorded as 'no result', with no points awarded.

(h) If a team is unable to field 3 players, at the discretion of the League Secreatary, a full member who is not registered to any other team in the league, can play as a substitute.

(i) If a game is cancelled in advance of thr playing date or a team fails to arrive within 15 minutes of the start time, the game will be awarded to their opponents - the action under 2(f) will apply.

(j) If a team concedes prior to the completion of 14 ends, the score at the time will stand, and an additional 1 shot per end not played should be adde to the opponents' score and clearly shown on the scorecard.

(k) Games will be played outdoors, but in wet/severe weather conditions, before start of play, a majority vote by skips, can decide whether games will be played on the outdoor or indoor rinks. If the latter, the game will be limited to 2 hours, irrespective of the number of ends played, with no teabreak, and each player will need to pay a rink fee by cah or voucher. Games cannot transfer to the indoor rinks if they have started, and if games are abandoned after commencement, the score at the time of ending will stand.


WORLD BOWLS/BOWLS ENGLAND Laws of the Sport of Bowls (Current Edition) will apply to all playing matters not covered by these rules.


Approved by Management Committee 160519 Amended May 2018 and May 2019





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Club Triples League - Rules